Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mehndi designs have a rich history in India, and even those who don’t understand their meaning can still appreciate their beauty. That said, knowing what your mehndi designs stand for can make them come to life in ways you never even imagined, so here are just a few common mehndi designs and their meanings.

Though any gender can wear it, the lotus is primarily considered a female sign. This is because it stands for feminine virtues like beauty, grace, sensuality and purity, and the more elaborate lotus designs can stretch up the entire forearm to be slowly unveiled as the sleeve is pushed back.

Flowers represent life, joy and new beginnings, so it should come as no surprise that mehndi flowers are frequently seen at weddings and celebrations. You can find bridal mehandi designs at places like Craftsvilla. Since flowers are so simple to draw and trace, they’re quite popular with newbies to mehndi.

Flower Buds
Flower buds are associated with new wives and mothers. They speak to the exciting new adventure that their wearer is about to take, and the bud is symbolic for blossoming into a new role in a fresh chapter of life. Buds can also be drawn in varying stages of bloom along the arm.

The sun is one of the most powerful images in Indian culture. It represents life, fire, passion, energy and longevity, and it’s frequently divided on two hands to double its power and provide symbolic meaning when the hands are joined as one. If you’re looking for mehndi designs that truly represent Indian culture, choose something with the sun.

Peacocks are another popular wedding design because they’re bright, beautiful animals who naturally draw the eye. Not only are they symbolic of every gaze being turned on the happy couple, but they’re also useful for brides who want to cover themselves in elaborate mehndi for their big day.

All kinds of birds are popular in mehndi designs. Their most obvious representation is freedom, but they can also have a cultural and religious significance as messengers between heaven and earth. They’re versatile, too; people get mehndi designs in everything from sparrows to doves.

These are just a few of the most popular mehndi designs. As you can see, you’ll have plenty to choose from if you want to start experimenting, so have fun!


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