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(Denver, North Carolina)– Online marketing studies conducted last year predict a number of changes for 2016. Geo-targeting is expected to dominate the field with local searches soaring to 60 percent during the months to come. This is welcome news for small businesses hoping to increase physical and online traffic; however, marketing experts warn competition will become fierce as word of the transformation spreads. With this development in mind, Ron Blackwelder of Charlotte Local Marketing ( has launched the company’s revamped approach to this portion of the industry.

Blackwelder affirmed, “The novelty of international ecommerce seems to be wearing a bit thin as consumers realize customer service at that level can’t begin to compare with that of small local businesses. Of course, in order to achieve measurable success amidst this trend, businesses in our area need to be seen in those growing local searches. Our restructured strategy is designed to help clients increase their visibility from a number of angles, propelling them to the forefront of their respective arenas.”

With mobile devices projected to reach a 90 percent consumer saturation rate this year, site adaptability and mobile search optimization are gaining steam where marketing is concerned. Greater public emphasis on customized local search results has led Google, as well as its top competitors, to alter their algorithms accordingly, making geographically specific phone numbers and business address listings increasingly vital. Displaying this type of information on social media and popular review sites also holds considerable weight as more consumers are now largely relying on these outlets, a factor discussed more thoroughly at

Website content remains crucial to being properly indexed for local searches; as such, keyword incorporation will continue to be a primary factor in generating organic results as opposed to paid advertising. At the same time, PPC ads still hold power in regard to driving active leads to specific websites, which is likewise noted at Customer-generated ratings have also been found increasingly effective in boosting small business sales on a local level.

Concluded Blackwelder, “Our new approach is centered around optimizing online presence in various local listing directories, local maps, review sites, check-in sites and other major local venues, such as Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare. We make sure clients’ businesses are properly listed on these sites. We also use local SEO techniques tailored specifically to each client for added value in the eyes of consumers and search engines alike. We’re dedicated to making sure our team stays on top of any changes in the marketing realm, so we can give our clients the leading edge over their competitors.”

About Charlotte Local Marketing:

Charlotte Local Marketing provides local online marketing services to small and medium businesses needing to improve their online business performance. Their clients benefit from a broad range of services designed to help prospects more easily find them online. The company has a wide variety of clients including realtors, attorneys, engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, home services and those from a number of other industries.

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