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Everybody wants to be heard, but it can be challenging to get people to listen. For bloggers, this can be a nightmare if you are wanting to get your content out into the world and start building up an extensive portfolio of knowledge. The world of blogging has become oversaturated, with everyone and their dog seemingly creating content and publishing it in online. It is just the minority that is heard.

If you are a blogger, whether it be text or video, how are you able to ensure that your content rises to the top? How can you ensure that people will click on your links over the one thousand or so other blogs with exactly the same subject matter?

It can be difficult to find a niche that sets you apart from others. The phrase ‘one in a million’ doesn’t seem so unique when there are seven and a half billion of us in the world, and so it is only natural to find at least one person that shares similar interests and experiences to you.


The key to any blogging success is to engage the reader early on. This is the first thing that writing students learn about when crafting their first novel or short story. If the initial interaction from outside doesn’t inspire interest, then it is unlikely that anything else will.

For this reason, it is vital to have an eye-catching website. In the past, launching a website was a tricky and sometimes expensive process, but in recent years it has become possible for anybody to have their own website.

Website builders allow users to forego employing web developers and programmers and instead give you all the power right there at the tips of your fingers. The process is simple, straightforward and will leave your readers’ feeling that you know what you’re doing. It’s a cliche that first impressions matter, but it’s a cliche for a reason.


Knowing both why you are writing and who you are writing for will give your blog posts more of a purpose. It can be all too convenient just to throw whatever you feel like it onto a webpage and click publish if it makes sense to you. But for your readers, particularly new readers, this can bring about confusion, along with feelings that perhaps this is not the right place to be looking.

To tackle these sorts of problems, settle on your niche early on. If this is is a bit of a struggle, consider what it is you are passionate about. While your passion may not be what you decide to blog about eventually, it can be a good start to figuring out how you want to present yourself online.

Like most new hobbies, these things take time. It will be a while before everything is fine-tuned the way you want it, so consider these early days practice; a learning curve of sorts. You might be enormously passionate about a new TV show, but if there isn’t enough to write about, then you will soon run into some problems.

Furthermore, these early posts will allow you to get to know your audience. This is especially true if you have a commenting feature on your website, where readers can voice their likes and dislikes, as well as adding suggestions for future blog posts. This will give an immediate idea of the type of audience you are attracting and allow you to cultivate your content to suit that.


Of course, that isn’t to say you should let your audience dictate your content. Hopefully, many of them will have similar interests to you, and so much of what is written and suggested will keep in line with the vision you have in mind.

One of the major mistakes of many bloggers is blogging for the sake of blogging. There are simply too many people writing the same sort of thing over and over and over again that in the end it just looks like one blog has stolen from another and so on along with a long chain of content.

If you want to stand out, you need to discuss topics and ideas that haven’t been covered extensively. This might be hard, but for a professional blogger, creating compelling content is what you do. Nobody wants to read what has already been written before, and rehashing the same old knowledge will do nothing but put readers off and drive them away.


It is not enough to simply have a blog. For new bloggers, you might wonder how exactly anyone else will find it. This is where the joys of social media come in. Back in the day, all there we had was MySpace, a very early Facebook and forums if you wanted to promote your web content.

But now, the world of social media has changed. There are so many different platforms for you to promote yourself that it would take up too much room to list them all. The obvious ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are a great place to start as you more than likely already have a solid following of friends, family, and strangers that will be intrigued by any promotion you post.

From here, you can begin to build a user base. Friends will tell other friends, strangers will tell other strangers, and after a while, you will soon see more traffic, more likes, and more shares than you’ll know what to do with. Once this is established, it is up to you to keep hold of these readers.


Even in a world as competitive as blogging, it still pays to collaborate with other bloggers to further promote your brand. Working with like-minded people through giveaways, co-authoring posts, and guest appearances will unveil you to a brand new audience.

These collaborations can be with friends who also blog, as well as bloggers who you’ve been reading for some time and already admire. Sharing content can lead to a broader audience base and hopefully propel your blog towards more and more visitors as the chain of collaboration stretches.

By choosing to work alongside established bloggers, you will not only be getting more views but also be able to learn from those who already have experience in working towards more readers. This kind of advice can be invaluable if you want to spread your brand further than just a few friends on the internet and can give you the opportunity to make a name for yourself in the blogging world.

It can be a difficult start to your blogging career. All those previous worries about not having anything interesting to say will soon seem to become a reality once you find that there is little to no traffic on your blog. During this time, it is essential not to get discouraged and keep pushing on. But also, you need to take a look at what sort of content you are posting, as simple words on a webpage are not enough. There needs to be a level of engagement for the reader. Topics like ‘Winter Style Ideas’, or ‘Quick and Cutesy DIY Projects’ have been done to death.

Instead, go further out there. Find something that people aren’t talking about and just write. It may be complicated at first to find something unique in a world where a new blog post is seemingly made every five seconds, but once that first post is out you will find yourself flush with inspiration. Who knows, perhaps the very idea of looking for interesting content can inspire a blog post in the future.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Giving flowers have always been part of our social fabric since time in memorial. Flowers are often the best choice of gift for many occasions. They are beautiful to look at and gives good fragrance. In many ways, flowers soothe the soul and offers that unexplained calm and happiness within.

There are well known occasions to give flowers.

  1. Chinese New Year – Flowers and plants like the pussy-willow and the orange mandarin trees are much sought after during this season.
  2. Valentine’s Day – A very important day for lovers for both the young and the young at heart. Roses are undisputed best choice and popular pick for this day. Although in recent times, more unique flowers such as baby’s breath, cotton, lavender, wheat flower bouquets have made their way into the choice of many millennials.
  3. White Day – observed by girls and women presenting chocolate gifts to their guys. This day is more commonly practiced in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China on 14 March 1, a month after valentine’s day to reciprocate their partners’ gifts.
  4. Mother’s day – A day to celebrate mom’s unconditional love for us and the many sacrifices she has made to bring us up. A popular choice of flower for mother’s day is carnation.
  5. Graduation day – to celebrate this once a life time achievement, hand bouquets are often a popular choice of gift coupled with soft toys. Capturing this moment with flowers has always been a traditions.
  6. Secretary’s day – now known as Administrative Professionals’ Day. Typical a day their bosses will treat their secretaries with lunches and bouquets of flowers.
  7. Teacher’s Day – to celebrate teacher’s day, students often present a stalk of flower eg. Gerberas or roses or carnations to their favourite teachers.
  8. Hari Raya AidilFitri – flowers in the form of table arrangements form an alternative gift for this important celebration.
  9. Deepavali – known too as the festival of light where giving of flowers in the form of table arrangements is fairly common too.
  10. Christmas – Christmas hampers and floral gift baskets are often an alternative choice of gift. Table arrangements with Christmas themes are also popular. Christmas wreaths though not as popular as in the west but not uncommon as part of Christmas giving.

Choose an international flower delivery like for all your flower delivery needs to any cities in the world. A Singapore based florist, 24hrsCityFlorist.fom has a reputation for their 24hr delivery flower delivery service together with their 9am to next day 6am flower shop operating hours as well as their unique character bouquets and design-your-own bouquet platform.

Gifting flowers is like giving someone a beautiful part what nature provides. Flowers are always the best and most special and caring gift for anyone. They are perfect for any kind of occasion. Besides the events mentioned above, flowers or floral gifts are also given in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals. Every flower has its own unique symbol and carries their own meanings and significances. Choosing the best flower delivery service is as important to ensure your floral gift reaches the recipient in good time.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

If you haven’t heard of A Better Florist so far, you’re definitely missing out. Luckily, it’s never too late to jump on the flower bandwagon. Flower shopping is something that we often resort to when we’re in a rush and have an important event, date, birthday, or want to express ourselves with a beautiful gesture. But we don’t often think about whether our flower shopping adventures could be better or more special.

Without A Better Florist, we would have to settle for our old-fashioned florists, that we had to chase around town in the hope that they have something we’re looking for. And if by some chance we were able to find the flowers of our dreams, we would have to ask ourselves whether they are able to deliver in time.

These are the most common issues when it comes to flower shopping, issues that A Better Florist decided to fix and that’s how this entire business was developed. They didn’t want to just be the cheapest florist Singapore has ever seen, they wanted to take the entire service to the next level.

Once you step onto their website or into one of their multiple flower shops around Singapore, you’ll be greeted by a gentle scent of flowers waiting to bloom just about any second. All of the flowers are delivered from a flower nursery on Cameron Highlands, and they reach their peak once they arrive into your hands.

The website offers some of their best seasonal flowers and favorites of their customers. Each and every arrangement has its own name, price point and a short description that tells you more about what the bouquet is supposed to represent. Apart from cruising through the options listed on the website, you can also talk to them and request custom orders. Apart from making cheap bouquet Singapore‘s most popular choice, they also do an amazing job at creating a beautiful fruit basket.

Besides having the variety and options for customization, what used to be the cutest flower stand Singapore has seen, also works wonders when it comes to delivery. They offer the best flower delivery in Singapore simply because they’ve worked out every single detail of the delivery system so that they are as fast as possible. What constitutes as fast for the best florist in Singapore is the ability to deliver on the same day within only 90 minutes. Imagine having a flower emergency. You forgot your best friend’s baby’s 1st birthday and you need flowers ASAP. A Better Florist understands that these kinds of this happen often. That’s why you get to choose one of their flowers immediately, click the order button and have it delivered within only 90 minutes.

The best florist in Singapore aka A Better Florist makes this possible every single time, because they have a flower shop in every single area of Singapore. You might be on one end of Singapore, and the recipient might be on the other. It doesn’t matter!

This efficient delivery system, along with a very convenient price point and outstanding creations led them to expand, and once we started digging deeper for more information, we found out that even after you leave Singapore, you can’t escape a Better Florist. We consider this a good sign.

Not only have they swept Singaporean’s off their feet, but their skills led them to be recognized as the best florist in Hong Kong and best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their revolution started out right here in Singapore, but it has been heard about so many other people. A Better Florist managed to recognize what the people need and continue to be the best of the best in Singapore, but also to offer the best Dubai flower delivery and Hong Kong flower delivery.

Even if they weren’t the best flower delivery in Hong Kong, we still appreciate the immense changes a Better Florist brought to Singapore. They completely changed the way we perceive flower shops. Although many will undoubtedly try to follow in their footsteps, they are the revolutionary that we will remember.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

These tips are really handy. I’ve used some of them before, like using the camera feature of my phone to magnify stuff and locate my specs after I take them off.

I also use my camera phone’s feature to “see” stuff when I can’t use my glasses, like when I am at the hairdresser. I took my phone out and use the camera feature and point to the mirror using the rear camera. My hairdresser asked me if I was taking pictures but I told her no and that I was just watching her work. I explained that I was blind as a bat without my glasses and by doing this I can see exactly what she was doing!

I’m excited to use more of the tips here. I’m hopeful the hack for scratches works.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Does your underwear drawer hide bad secrets? Are you guilty of lingerie crime?

Whether it’s wearing the wrong size, washing them on the wrong setting or even worse not washing them enough there’s a lot of common mistakes that could land you in women’s underwear hell. So if your bras aren’t as brilliant as they used to be here are some brief tips.

  • A measure of success

You may think you have your size covered but even if you have been measured before it doesn’t mean you are wearing the right size bra because your size isn’t fixed and can fluctuate on a regular basis down to everything from stress to the weather.  The experts reckon we should be getting ourselves measured every 6-8 months if we want to provide our breasts with the best support and definitely changing our bras every year to ensure they stay robust enough for the job.

  • Dressing room horrors

Have you ever got to a store dressing room and realised that size 10 no longer fits and you are going to have to go up a dress size!? But this might have nothing to do with that extra helping of pudding – it might just be that your underwear isn’t supporting you in the right places.  Good fitting underwear isn’t just important for support, it holds the tissue in the correct place and then you will find that size 10 slides on easily.

  • Rule of three

According to the professionals you should be washing your bras every three wears. However the key here is that you don’t wear them three days consecutively. Just like your favourite pair of shoes, you need to give your bras a break and rotate them. This requires some clever calculation so you remember how many times you have worn each bra but if in doubt wash them all once a week for a clean slate.

  • DIY washing

Warning – you could be destroying all of your efforts to get the right fit by throwing your bras in with the rest of the laundry each week.  Bras are delicate and as such should be treated with care. If you don’t have the time to wash them out by hand with lingerie wash use the coolest setting on your machine and only wash lingerie together.

  • Night time blunders

At the end of the day it might feel free to jump into bed au naturale but this could be a big mistake for keeping that supportive tissue pert. Breast tissue needs support even at night. Swap your wired bra for a more comfortable sports bra but ensure that the support is still there to avoid nighttime blunders.

Image courtesy of Oprah

  • Don’t be sentimental

You might think you have a good selection of bras but the truth is you probably only wear half of them. Give old underwear the boot and reorganise your wardrobe – you can use these tips to fill your drawers with a better fitting, more comfortable selection.

  • Take care

Wearing the right underwear that is well cared for can do wonders not only for your confidence but also the health of your supportive tissue and your overall look. Lingerie items are delicate so treat them with respect and care and they will treat you to a lifetime of perks.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Move over Paris, pack a bag London, see you later New York because there’s a new style icon in town! This year, and probably most of next, Japanese fabrics, styles and origami inspired clothing collections are dominating the catwalks as the heart of Asia promotes its gorgeous silks, wools, and cotton, making lounge wear look better than a high-end couture gown. Japanese designers and manufactures have created butter soft, smooth and oh so wearable items that hopefully’ll firmly shut the doors on tight, uncomfortable fashion forever!

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Overnight Luxury

Inspired by people’s weekend trips and the short to Onsen’s, or Japanese bathhouses located in the mountains. Theatre Products, a prominent Japanese designer, presented their casual, capsule collection in partnership with Nakaden Keori. Whose textile factory in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture focuses on producing luxury mixed weave and woven material in a wrinkle-resistant fabric that’s perfect for soft, linen shirts, casual Palazzo and wide leg trousers and velvety, luxurious cashmere sweaters.

A standout feature of the collection was the fact that none of the items would need ironing, or steaming after having been squashed into a small bag, or holdall and customers would be able to wear any outfit straight away. Other fabrics have been created using specialist manufacturing techniques that give them a more ridged surface while improving the stretch quality of the material itself which, in turn, gives you a more fluid, wearable garment.

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Baby Tee

If you’re looking for a wrinkle resistant, satin soft and sweat-absorbent T-Shirt, then look no further than A-Girl’s unique garment that’s making waves across the world. They’re light, can be worn with just about anything and is sure to be a sure fire hit with trendsetters everywhere. Vice President, Tomohiro Yamashita, is so confident in his product  A-Girl uses the T-shirt fabric in dresses, tops, and skirts for their own brand. Fancy trying out one of their sleek, stylish T-shirts? Head on over to t-shirts select your size and then step out in aviator shades, a pair of skinny blue jeans, some hoop earrings like these ones available at and a gorgeous mittente trench and you’ll have spring fashion nailed!

Pexels Photo: Life Of Pix


Home Grown Success

It’s not just Nakaden Keori who’ve found fame with their fabrics as eager journalists, and industry buyers alike clamored for samples. Other designers including Calvin Klein have launched collections with Japanese denim, and Los Angeles brand James Perse uses Tokyo-based manufacturer A-Girl’s Co to produce their statement T-shirts. The Asian influence doesn’t end there either, Komatsu Seiren Co in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, uses the fabric it supplies to European designers for its own brand, mittente.

Their cute, colorful trench coats are a must for fashionistas as well as those looking for a coat that stays dry as these garments have been created with water-repellent and wind-resistant material which makes them the most desirable raincoat ever. Over the next few months, you’ll also start to see Japanese influences everywhere from clothes, kitchenware, and decor trends to noodle based fast food and Asian/ European fusion dishes!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No matter how satisfied you are with your personal or professional life, there will almost always come a period of time in which you feel that it’s time to grow. Whether you define success in terms of financial increase, personal development, or optimized health, there are always strategies you can implement to lead a more productive, positive life. Below you’ll find just three of many simple strategies you can implement to lead a more successful life:

1. Develop A Business.

One great way to lead a more successful life is by pursuing financial freedom. Even if you love your traditional 9-5 work life, having a side job is a great way to generate more revenue and provide yourself with more vocational options in the event that something happens. With this idea in mind, consider the value of developing your own business. This could include anything from a franchise to a blog to network marketing. If you’re in need of supplies like tape, companies such as Continental Tape Printers can assist you. Learn more about this company by reviewing their website at

2. Implement A Beauty Routine.

As many life coaches know, developing systems and rituals is a wonderful, highly effective way to improve any given aspect of your life. This includes your beauty life. As such, it’s a good idea to develop a beauty routine which helps you feel confident about the skin that you’re in. Rituals like a monthly facial, weekly pedicure, and/or a bi-weekly massage can help keep your physical body in optimal condition. The end result will be a boost in self-esteem and more confidence when you interface with other people in your personal and professional life.

3. Join A Meetup Group.

While many people think of self-improvement when they contemplate how to grow as a person, it’s important to know that other individuals will oftentimes play an integral role in making you a better, brighter being. As such, it’s a good idea to get out and meet new people periodically. You can accomplish this objective by joining a Meetup group comprised of individuals whose hobbies and values are similar to your own. The people you meet can contribute to optimizing your level of success in many ways, one of which is by linking you to job opportunities!

Don’t Delay: Work Towards Success Today!

If you’re ready for optimized success in life, now is the time to get the process underway. Use the strategies outlined above to start making progress in your life immediately!

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Monday, April 10, 2017

We’ve recently rediscovered our passion for wee hours shopping at Uptown Danau Kota which is about 10 minutes away from where we live. Though the vendors there start operation from 9pm, the place comes alive only after about 11pm. I guess we are not the only night owls around eh. Anyway from clothes to shoes, from phone accessories to home entertainment gadgets which cost as low as RM5 a piece, window shopping will probably turn out to actual shopping leaving your wallet not surprisingly lighter than it was before you come. That being said, do becareful as some of the gadgets might be a bit faulty upon purchase so keep that in mind.

Now you want superior products in entertainment department, then check out out instead places like Guitar Center, cordless microphone, speakers and headphones etc, you’d be spoil for choices and with their 45 days satisfaction guarantee, you’ll have peace of mind for sure with your purchases.


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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our personalities are unique to us. They’re what define us, they’re what people see on the outside, and they’re what we use to connect to other people. There are many different types of personalities, and you can usually find out what type you are by taking a personality test. But whatever type of personality you have, there are some awesome jobs out there that let you use it to its fullest. So whether you’re introverted, extroverted, or a bit of both depending on what day it is, here are five different jobs that will let you be yourself.


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You can express pretty much anything you want as a blogger. Be it a blog about your favourite shows, a blog about your creative process when you make music, or even a blog about food around the world, you can write about almost anything and express yourself however you see fit. The key to getting a job as a blogger is specialising in a subject. You need to know a lot about a specific subject if you want to be seen as knowledgeable enough to talk about it publically on the internet.

But it’s not only your knowledge that will get you far in the world of blogging. If you have a great personality and you’re either very outgoing and love to respond to comments, or you’re quiet and informative, people will come to your blog and read because they enjoy your content and your personality. After all, people are going to read your blog for entertainment, so why not inject your personality into your writing and make it fun?

Money from blogging comes mainly from advertising revenue and affiliate programs, meaning it’s difficult to make a living when you first start out because you need a lot of readers to get enough revenue. It’s best to stick to your current job and maintain a blog as a side activity. Once you make enough money to pay for living expenses, you can dive deeper and put more time into it.


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Online Broadcasting is one of the world’s most popular online broadcasting platforms. You can broadcast almost anything, even if it’s not gaming related which is what the intended purpose is. You can broadcast yourself playing games, working at your job, walking around town or even getting creative with an art project. The content you broadcast is important, but it takes a secondary role to your personality. To make it big on and get enough viewers to support your living expenses, you either need to be informative and know a lot about a popular subject, or you need to have a great personality that attracts viewers.

For instance, if you broadcast yourself playing a popular video game, then you’ll get a lot of viewers asking you questions and donating you money if you are knowledgeable about it. You can give them advice, coach them, give them tips and even play with them. However, if you aren’t very good at the games you play or the things you do, then you’ll have to rely on your own personality to draw in crowds to bump up your viewer count. There are many other ways to attract people to your stream. For instance, you could create some free Twitch banners that will make your stream look more professional. You could also utilise social media as a platform to advertise your stream as well.

Money from broadcasting comes mainly from advertising revenue. However, once you’re popular enough and get a steady stream of viewers, you can also add a subscription button to your channel. This enables people to support you by paying $5 per month. You don’t have to give them additional benefits either, but you can always create incentives for subscribing to you. The other major form of income is through donations. Viewers typically donate to a streamer because they enjoy the content, want to get their attention, or would like to comment on something you’ve done.

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Music Industry

A job in the music industry is something that many people dream of. Being able to produce music and get money from it sounds like an enticing career, but it’s a lot harder than you might think. For instance, marketing is a major problem for new artists and music producers. Getting attention can be difficult, and with all the major talent out there, it can be hard to get your music to shine through. Fortunately, there are many different jobs in the music industry and most of them enable you to use your personality in order to do a good job.

When you create music, it’s natural for your own personality and creativity to shine through. Be it in your singing, the way you play your music, or how you act when you’re in front of a crowd. Your music almost becomes secondary to the way you act on stage because you turn more heads if you’re unique. However, that’s not to say that the music itself should be ignored. Think of it this way; if you attended a concert and the singer was just lip syncing to an audio file that was being played through the speakers, do you think you get your money’s worth? Absolutely not! Compare that to a singer who interacts with the crowd and gets them pumped up despite missing a few notes or forgetting a word or two. It’s easy to see that personality matters in the music industry, so if you want to let yourself go, be creative and you love music, consider a job in this industry.

Money from music can come from a variety of different sources. Traditionally it would come from record deals and sales, but with the rise of services like YouTube and Bandcamp, you could make a living by focusing on advertising revenue and digital music sales. The choice really depends on your current situation. If you get enough attention and you’re approached by a record label, then you could take that route. However, if you prefer the freedom to work however you want and with whoever you want, then going solo and using online services would be the better option.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Getting a mortgage is a part of most of people’s lives. The annoying meetings and viewings, mixed with a sense of unrestricted excitement. You need to give yourself the best possible chance of saving the best mortgage possible. To do this, you need the best deposit you can muster, as a result you need to save a lot of money. There are all differing ways to do this, and you need to find some tips that suit you more than others. Finding what works for you can take time, but is ultimately worth it. Sometimes it can be hard finding these out when you have work to do, but there are some tips that apply to everyone and can help when in the hunt for a mortgage. You may of considered some, but try the others and see how they can help you.

Cut Back On Needed Spending
Needed spending is things like groceries, and other things you just need to buy to survive. You can always get food a little cheaper, just be hard on yourself. This way you can save more money up towards the mortgage and have a bigger deposit. Check out offers and make sure you stick to your list, don’t needlessly pick things up. You can also check out for voucher codes for some money off your purchases. This may seem petty and small fry, but over the weeks you’ll soon see your money add up.



Watch Out For Monthly Outgoings
This is important because they take up a chunk of your monthly outgoings that your bank will factor into your lending. If you can get rid before your meeting then do it. That gym membership you hardly use? Cancel it. Don’t use Netflix anymore, stop it. Over the year these payments add up. Limit them for a better chance and a higher mortgage offer and a deal that can suit you way better. If you can, pay off some of the bigger owings, then you can be seen to be able to manage debt properly and give back what is owed, making you a more attractive person to lend money to.

Get Your Credit In Check
Use a site like Experian to monitor your credit. It needs to be good. If it isn’t, then work on it. Get a credit card, which admittedly sounds like the opposite thing to in this case but if you use it wisely you can build a great credit rating up. Make small payments on your credit card and pay them off at the earliest opportunity. You will soon see your credit rise. Have you had your name on the electoral register? If it isn’t get it on there. It can make a difference and help you push for better credit. If you have multiple credit cards then condense down to one. If you have a large limit then lower it. Doing these things can aid your limit and help you get the right mortgage offers when you sit down with your bank manager. Good luck!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

If you dream of working in the music industry, you don’t need to necessarily land a record deal to be successful. There are many great jobs in the industry that provide opportunities to develop artists and can still possibly lead to fame and fortune. Here are a few of the top music industry jobs that you may want to pursue.

Audio Engineer

You can help artists record new songs by working as an audio engineer. This job involves operating recording equipment while artists are inside recording booths. You’ll use electronic effects, equalizing and mixing to produce the best sounds. You may need to attend classes at a music school or a university so that you can learn how to properly operate the equipment and get the most out of each recording session.

Music Manager

As a music manager, you’ll be responsible for helping musicians establish their careers. You’ll likely be asked to review contracts, help book gigs and offer sound advice that can steer artists in the right direction. You may even choose to be like notable entrepreneur Coran Capshaw and start your own music management company. Mr. Capshaw has had the opportunity to work with many top music acts, and working as a music manager might allow you to get to know some famous musicians on a more personal level.

A&R Executive

When you work as an artists and repertoire executive, you’ll be in charge of discovering new artists and bringing them to the attention of the record company that employs you. To find new talent, you’ll be listening to demos that have been submitted to the record company and going to live shows that feature up-and-coming acts. A&R executives also need to oversee album productions and promote upcoming tours for artists.

Session Musician

If you’re a talented musician yourself, you may be able to find work as a session musician. These types of musicians are hired to play during recording sessions. If you can play multiple instruments, that will be a definite advantage in this career. One of the best parts about being a session musician is that you’ll be able to play for a wide range of artists without having to worry about signing any long-term contracts with them.

Tour Manager

This job will be perfect for you if you enjoy being on the road for long periods of time. As a tour manager, you’ll need to make sure that the bands you’re working for get safely to performance venues and hotels while they travel from show to show. You’ll also need to communicate with venue mangers and promoters so that everything runs smoothly at each show. Other duties include making flight reservations, scheduling sound check times and managing expenses.

Your dream of working in the music industry can become a reality when you embark on any of these exciting career paths. These jobs will allow you to work directly with artists and help develop new talent who may end up taking the music world by storm.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

If you’re struggling to make your eye makeup look Instagram worthy, you’re in the right place. There’s no need to struggle any longer. Read on to get the eyes you’ve been drooling over!

Start With A Smooth Eye Base

If you’re going to get the best looking eye makeup, then you must start with a smooth eye base. This means making sure you’ve primed it and applied foundation/concealer. However, everybody has slightly different variation of how they like to get their eyes ready for shadow application. Providing you’ve started with something neutral and then set it with powder, your eye makeup should look fabulous.

Bear in mind that doing your eyes should be a step before you do your face. Don’t apply foundation or anything else to the rest of your face, or you run the risk of ruining it when shadow falls everywhere! Mistakes are so much easier to fix when you leave the rest of your face clean.

Do Your Brows First

Before you get all excited and start on your eyes, do your brows first. The brows frame the face, and you’re going to need to have them in place before you can create amazing eye makeup looks.

Have Plenty Of Brushes On Hand

Brushes are must have beauty tools. Making sure you have plenty of eye makeup brushes on hand is crucial to getting the look right. There are brushes for all over the lid, in the crease, under the eye, the tear duct, and even brushes purely for keeping clean and blending away. When you have these brushes, you won’t mess up your shadow.


Blending Is Your Best Friend

Blending is your best friend. Grab that clean brush we mentioned earlier and blend away. You don’t want any harsh lines here!

Use Tape And Other Tools To Help

There are many tools that can help you to get an amazing eye look. Tape is one tool that you can apply under your eye and use to get a clean line. Just be careful that you don’t pull your skin when you take it off. Tape allows you to get messy without ruining the rest of your face.

Get Used To Putting On Lashes

Make sure you get used to putting on lashes, as they are the key to just about any decent makeup look. You don’t need to go with huge lashes; Violet Voss cosmetics and similar brands have some nice natural lashes that could work well. You might just want a little length, or a little thickness. It’ll definitely make a difference to how good your eye makeup looks.

Know Your Individual Eye Shape

Do you have hooded eyes, almond eyes, or even monolid eyes? Each of these eye shapes calls for a different type of makeup application, so there’s no point blindly following a tutorial that doesn’t suit your eye shape. It just won’t work well!

Now you have these tips at your disposal, you can make sure your eyes look incredible whenever you do them.

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