Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our personalities are unique to us. They’re what define us, they’re what people see on the outside, and they’re what we use to connect to other people. There are many different types of personalities, and you can usually find out what type you are by taking a personality test. But whatever type of personality you have, there are some awesome jobs out there that let you use it to its fullest. So whether you’re introverted, extroverted, or a bit of both depending on what day it is, here are five different jobs that will let you be yourself.


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You can express pretty much anything you want as a blogger. Be it a blog about your favourite shows, a blog about your creative process when you make music, or even a blog about food around the world, you can write about almost anything and express yourself however you see fit. The key to getting a job as a blogger is specialising in a subject. You need to know a lot about a specific subject if you want to be seen as knowledgeable enough to talk about it publically on the internet.

But it’s not only your knowledge that will get you far in the world of blogging. If you have a great personality and you’re either very outgoing and love to respond to comments, or you’re quiet and informative, people will come to your blog and read because they enjoy your content and your personality. After all, people are going to read your blog for entertainment, so why not inject your personality into your writing and make it fun?

Money from blogging comes mainly from advertising revenue and affiliate programs, meaning it’s difficult to make a living when you first start out because you need a lot of readers to get enough revenue. It’s best to stick to your current job and maintain a blog as a side activity. Once you make enough money to pay for living expenses, you can dive deeper and put more time into it.


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Online Broadcasting is one of the world’s most popular online broadcasting platforms. You can broadcast almost anything, even if it’s not gaming related which is what the intended purpose is. You can broadcast yourself playing games, working at your job, walking around town or even getting creative with an art project. The content you broadcast is important, but it takes a secondary role to your personality. To make it big on and get enough viewers to support your living expenses, you either need to be informative and know a lot about a popular subject, or you need to have a great personality that attracts viewers.

For instance, if you broadcast yourself playing a popular video game, then you’ll get a lot of viewers asking you questions and donating you money if you are knowledgeable about it. You can give them advice, coach them, give them tips and even play with them. However, if you aren’t very good at the games you play or the things you do, then you’ll have to rely on your own personality to draw in crowds to bump up your viewer count. There are many other ways to attract people to your stream. For instance, you could create some free Twitch banners that will make your stream look more professional. You could also utilise social media as a platform to advertise your stream as well.

Money from broadcasting comes mainly from advertising revenue. However, once you’re popular enough and get a steady stream of viewers, you can also add a subscription button to your channel. This enables people to support you by paying $5 per month. You don’t have to give them additional benefits either, but you can always create incentives for subscribing to you. The other major form of income is through donations. Viewers typically donate to a streamer because they enjoy the content, want to get their attention, or would like to comment on something you’ve done.

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Music Industry

A job in the music industry is something that many people dream of. Being able to produce music and get money from it sounds like an enticing career, but it’s a lot harder than you might think. For instance, marketing is a major problem for new artists and music producers. Getting attention can be difficult, and with all the major talent out there, it can be hard to get your music to shine through. Fortunately, there are many different jobs in the music industry and most of them enable you to use your personality in order to do a good job.

When you create music, it’s natural for your own personality and creativity to shine through. Be it in your singing, the way you play your music, or how you act when you’re in front of a crowd. Your music almost becomes secondary to the way you act on stage because you turn more heads if you’re unique. However, that’s not to say that the music itself should be ignored. Think of it this way; if you attended a concert and the singer was just lip syncing to an audio file that was being played through the speakers, do you think you get your money’s worth? Absolutely not! Compare that to a singer who interacts with the crowd and gets them pumped up despite missing a few notes or forgetting a word or two. It’s easy to see that personality matters in the music industry, so if you want to let yourself go, be creative and you love music, consider a job in this industry.

Money from music can come from a variety of different sources. Traditionally it would come from record deals and sales, but with the rise of services like YouTube and Bandcamp, you could make a living by focusing on advertising revenue and digital music sales. The choice really depends on your current situation. If you get enough attention and you’re approached by a record label, then you could take that route. However, if you prefer the freedom to work however you want and with whoever you want, then going solo and using online services would be the better option.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Getting a mortgage is a part of most of people’s lives. The annoying meetings and viewings, mixed with a sense of unrestricted excitement. You need to give yourself the best possible chance of saving the best mortgage possible. To do this, you need the best deposit you can muster, as a result you need to save a lot of money. There are all differing ways to do this, and you need to find some tips that suit you more than others. Finding what works for you can take time, but is ultimately worth it. Sometimes it can be hard finding these out when you have work to do, but there are some tips that apply to everyone and can help when in the hunt for a mortgage. You may of considered some, but try the others and see how they can help you.

Cut Back On Needed Spending
Needed spending is things like groceries, and other things you just need to buy to survive. You can always get food a little cheaper, just be hard on yourself. This way you can save more money up towards the mortgage and have a bigger deposit. Check out offers and make sure you stick to your list, don’t needlessly pick things up. You can also check out for voucher codes for some money off your purchases. This may seem petty and small fry, but over the weeks you’ll soon see your money add up.



Watch Out For Monthly Outgoings
This is important because they take up a chunk of your monthly outgoings that your bank will factor into your lending. If you can get rid before your meeting then do it. That gym membership you hardly use? Cancel it. Don’t use Netflix anymore, stop it. Over the year these payments add up. Limit them for a better chance and a higher mortgage offer and a deal that can suit you way better. If you can, pay off some of the bigger owings, then you can be seen to be able to manage debt properly and give back what is owed, making you a more attractive person to lend money to.

Get Your Credit In Check
Use a site like Experian to monitor your credit. It needs to be good. If it isn’t, then work on it. Get a credit card, which admittedly sounds like the opposite thing to in this case but if you use it wisely you can build a great credit rating up. Make small payments on your credit card and pay them off at the earliest opportunity. You will soon see your credit rise. Have you had your name on the electoral register? If it isn’t get it on there. It can make a difference and help you push for better credit. If you have multiple credit cards then condense down to one. If you have a large limit then lower it. Doing these things can aid your limit and help you get the right mortgage offers when you sit down with your bank manager. Good luck!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

If you dream of working in the music industry, you don’t need to necessarily land a record deal to be successful. There are many great jobs in the industry that provide opportunities to develop artists and can still possibly lead to fame and fortune. Here are a few of the top music industry jobs that you may want to pursue.

Audio Engineer

You can help artists record new songs by working as an audio engineer. This job involves operating recording equipment while artists are inside recording booths. You’ll use electronic effects, equalizing and mixing to produce the best sounds. You may need to attend classes at a music school or a university so that you can learn how to properly operate the equipment and get the most out of each recording session.

Music Manager

As a music manager, you’ll be responsible for helping musicians establish their careers. You’ll likely be asked to review contracts, help book gigs and offer sound advice that can steer artists in the right direction. You may even choose to be like notable entrepreneur Coran Capshaw and start your own music management company. Mr. Capshaw has had the opportunity to work with many top music acts, and working as a music manager might allow you to get to know some famous musicians on a more personal level.

A&R Executive

When you work as an artists and repertoire executive, you’ll be in charge of discovering new artists and bringing them to the attention of the record company that employs you. To find new talent, you’ll be listening to demos that have been submitted to the record company and going to live shows that feature up-and-coming acts. A&R executives also need to oversee album productions and promote upcoming tours for artists.

Session Musician

If you’re a talented musician yourself, you may be able to find work as a session musician. These types of musicians are hired to play during recording sessions. If you can play multiple instruments, that will be a definite advantage in this career. One of the best parts about being a session musician is that you’ll be able to play for a wide range of artists without having to worry about signing any long-term contracts with them.

Tour Manager

This job will be perfect for you if you enjoy being on the road for long periods of time. As a tour manager, you’ll need to make sure that the bands you’re working for get safely to performance venues and hotels while they travel from show to show. You’ll also need to communicate with venue mangers and promoters so that everything runs smoothly at each show. Other duties include making flight reservations, scheduling sound check times and managing expenses.

Your dream of working in the music industry can become a reality when you embark on any of these exciting career paths. These jobs will allow you to work directly with artists and help develop new talent who may end up taking the music world by storm.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

If you’re struggling to make your eye makeup look Instagram worthy, you’re in the right place. There’s no need to struggle any longer. Read on to get the eyes you’ve been drooling over!

Start With A Smooth Eye Base

If you’re going to get the best looking eye makeup, then you must start with a smooth eye base. This means making sure you’ve primed it and applied foundation/concealer. However, everybody has slightly different variation of how they like to get their eyes ready for shadow application. Providing you’ve started with something neutral and then set it with powder, your eye makeup should look fabulous.

Bear in mind that doing your eyes should be a step before you do your face. Don’t apply foundation or anything else to the rest of your face, or you run the risk of ruining it when shadow falls everywhere! Mistakes are so much easier to fix when you leave the rest of your face clean.

Do Your Brows First

Before you get all excited and start on your eyes, do your brows first. The brows frame the face, and you’re going to need to have them in place before you can create amazing eye makeup looks.

Have Plenty Of Brushes On Hand

Brushes are must have beauty tools. Making sure you have plenty of eye makeup brushes on hand is crucial to getting the look right. There are brushes for all over the lid, in the crease, under the eye, the tear duct, and even brushes purely for keeping clean and blending away. When you have these brushes, you won’t mess up your shadow.


Blending Is Your Best Friend

Blending is your best friend. Grab that clean brush we mentioned earlier and blend away. You don’t want any harsh lines here!

Use Tape And Other Tools To Help

There are many tools that can help you to get an amazing eye look. Tape is one tool that you can apply under your eye and use to get a clean line. Just be careful that you don’t pull your skin when you take it off. Tape allows you to get messy without ruining the rest of your face.

Get Used To Putting On Lashes

Make sure you get used to putting on lashes, as they are the key to just about any decent makeup look. You don’t need to go with huge lashes; Violet Voss cosmetics and similar brands have some nice natural lashes that could work well. You might just want a little length, or a little thickness. It’ll definitely make a difference to how good your eye makeup looks.

Know Your Individual Eye Shape

Do you have hooded eyes, almond eyes, or even monolid eyes? Each of these eye shapes calls for a different type of makeup application, so there’s no point blindly following a tutorial that doesn’t suit your eye shape. It just won’t work well!

Now you have these tips at your disposal, you can make sure your eyes look incredible whenever you do them.

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