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The idea of being a blogger and being private doesn’t sound right. To stand out from the crowd, you have to be real and relatable and to do that you need to be a person of the people. Faceless corporations can’t appeal to the same base because they aren’t living in the real world according to consumers. The problem is that blogging is a personal platform which puts your details, as well as your thoughts and feelings, out into the public domain. Now, you won’t be totally off the grid, but the following tips can limit your exposure. Here’s what to do if you’re a privacy-conscious person.

Contact Details

Don’t feel as if you have to list every contact detail known to the human race. Yes, it’s better to have a variety of mediums on a site, yet it’s down to the individual. Usually, an email address will suffice because followers don’t need to phone or text to get in touch. Plus, you can converse via the comments section or online through social media. Just be sure to separate the blog’s accounts from your personal ones. Too many bloggers use their real names, and that makes it easier to identify an individual.

Business Address

A second option is to forego using individual details altogether. Instead, you can opt for a virtual mail address which uses a business street name and zip code. It’s perfectly legal, by the way. The benefits include making the blog seem more professional than using a Gmail account, for example. However, the best advantage is the buffer between you and the audience as they will only be able to get in touch via mail. Seen as everything gets scanned and forwarded to you, it’s easy to operate from anywhere in the world, too.

Pen Name

There isn’t a law which says you have to publish material under your birth name. Plenty of authors, actors and musicians use pen or stage personas to guard their privacy. Granted, it also adds to the mystery, but that is a by-product. All you have to do is think of a cool and completely unrelated title that lures in readers. If you want to commit fully, the blog can center on the theme and the content can link also. Look at the way Anonymous gained a huge following and compare it to the trouble Julian Assange is in at the moment.

Plea Bargain

Na├»ve though it may be, you shouldn’t dismiss a proper conversation with your followers as an option. The fact that they are interested in you is a sign of their loyalty and dedication. Still, it doesn’t mean they won’t back off if the attention gets too much. The internet isn’t renowned for being a vehicle for well-rounded people with pertinent ideas. But, they do exist even on the Web and they will listen. Just ask for a little extra privacy and explain the reasons why and the heat should die down.

As a blogger, how do you segregate your personal life from your professional one?

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