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Friday, December 06, 2013

I’m in Singapore and my poor darling Azwaj is busy cleaning the house of TERMITES.. Yeap you heard me right.. TERMITES.. the price you have to pay when you live in the woods! Anyway, his whole wardrobe got to the pay the price, and what is worst is that four of his guitar cases (two of them filled with guitars) was at the top. Luckily though the one that is closest to the top of the wardrobe, was made of some fibre glass material or somthing and that is something the termites can’t eat through. Phew right? Otherwise surely we’ll be checking out used guitars for sale at musicians!





Good as new after cleaning


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I saw this foldable hanger at a local store in Singapore and its price was only SGD7.99. Cheap and good for apartment living for sure. So I told mom about it and she immediately wanted one.. Just as well coz there was only one left! Anyway, don’t you think it’s just awesome. I mean I’ve ever seen the normal round ones that typically people use for underwear but this one made for anything you can hang. I love it!

foldable hanger

foldable hanger2


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

climb stairsOne of the hassle of living in a high rise is when the mode of transportation that brings you from the ground floor to your floor fails. Yeap, I was referring to the lift or as some people might call it, elevator.

When we left to go grocery shopping yesterday, it was working just fine but when we return a few hours later, we found the lift lobby empty, which was a tad bit strange. Then only we found that the lift stopped working just after we left. So needless to say, we just grabbed our perishable stuff, and started climbing the flights of stairs to the 6th floor. Phew. that was some exercise. I feel healthy already.. lol!

Anyway, if we had known that was going to happened, we could have made a detour to town and grab that xerox phaser 8560 ink for A’s client because by evening the lift was alright again and we would not even had known it was not working in the first place.


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Friday, April 02, 2010

I’m all for developing talents in the young but there’s this neighbor of ours who has a son practicing on his drums every weekend from 8 to 10am.  I think he is at a very early stage because the way he played, it sure sounded like he was banging on stainless steel drums. Now you guys know that is around the time I actually go to bed so all that banging is not helping!

My one request.. Ease off the banging! Pluezzeeee!!!


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh No!!!

I just remembered that tomorrow certain blocks in our condominium would not be having electricity. :furious_tb: This is because TNB is doing some form of maintenance and they will NOT be providing any back-up generator. I’m not sure why that is so but we have been warned that there would not be any electricity supply from 11.00am to 6.00pm.

No electricity means no hot water shower (I can wait till evening to shower), no fan, no aircon and worst of all no pc and internet!!!  :wallbash_tb:

The best thing to do would be to leave the house and do some shopping for groceries, best acne medicine or even go to my inlaws..



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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already again! Wow.. when was the last time I updated this blog? Oh well!!..fikir

Anyway, yesterday the lift played it’s awful stunt of us again. We planned to go and have our dinner at a nearby place. The place is open-air and it was drizzling. When we arrived from our walk, all the sheltered area was taken and it looked like we had to wait a while. So Azwaj suggested we take a motorbike ride to another place. We walked back to our apartment, went on the lift, opened our front door, grabbed our helmets, closed the door, walked back to the lift landing, pressed on the down arrow button and the light on the button refused to light! marah

Hmm.. ok.. we thought perhaps the button was “short” from the rain.. so we walked down from the 10th floor.

When we reached the ground floor, Azwaj reached into his pocket and lo and behold… he forgot to take the motorbike keys!!! The poor chap now has to climb up to the 10th storey while I waited downstairs. gelakguling

Anyway, to make a long story short, while waiting for Azwaj, I called the 24hrs life service number and lodge a complaint.. in hopes that by the time we returned, the lift will be fine again and I don’t have to climb the stairs once again. nangih

We went for dinner, detoured to the Al-Rajhi bank, bought some groceries and arrived back to the condo at around 11pm and guess what, the lift’s technician was in indeed there (hurray for customer service tepuktangan ) and the lift was working once again!!! Yihaa!!

End of story….babai

Cheerio and Happy Easter everyone!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

One thing I hate about the riding the motorbike is when it rains! Like today for instance, we were ready to go out for lunch cum dinner, waited for the stupid lift that took like a whole 5 minutes to come to our floor, reached downstairs and whaddaya know when we got downstairs, it started to rain. Not those little drizzle that we normally just say “Heck it” but those gigantic droplets that would leave us drenched to the core of our being. nangih

So we decided we would wait it out upstairs since it looked like it’s gonna be while before the rain stops. We waited yet another 5 whole minutes for the lift to reach to the ground floor. And then it stopped on each floor coz some idiot had pressed all the buttons!

Arghh!!.. there goes fifteen minutes of my life!

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Friday, October 03, 2008

After a few days of no rain here, it was like someone just turned on the faucet this afternoon as it rained cats and dogs. Luckily I was awoken by the storm and lightning so I dragged out myself out of bed, closed the windows, switched off all the computers and the modem. You can never know with this lightning, it might strike and “attacked” my modem like it has many times before.

Oh well, at least it’s cooler now menari


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Monday, September 29, 2008

We came back home at about 2am this morning and lo and behold what do we find? Both the lifts or elevators were stuck on the 10th and 7th floor respectively. Azwaj tried to use the override button but unfortunately this time it did NOT work. OMG! I can’t believe we now have to climb up 10 storeys to our apartment and on a full stomach as well!!


From what we heard, to REALLY repair these lifts, that has been giving us problems for so long, the maintenance company got to forked out RM2,500 per lift. There are four lifts altogether which makes the total cost RM10,000! The residents know that is a lot of money, but hey, we’ve been paying our maintenance cost and that is what it is for! For Godness sake, get a business loan, Get a Personal Loan, we don’t care, but get something done!

Ok, I’m really angry now because I am exhausted from all that “forced” exercise. I am so going down to their office tomorrow, all prepared with some business AND Personal Loans documentations to hand over to the managers. It’s about time someone does something!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Remember my post about the lift in our building giving us problems? Well we were just given a tip today by our neighbour.

We were puzzled when we bumped into him in the lift and instead of pressing the 10th and 11th floor like what we always do to make sure the lift stops on the 11th floor, he pressed the 13th button instead! He smiled and said.. he found the “trick”! If we pressed the 10th floor, the lift stopped on the 13th floor but if you pressed the 13th floor, it actually stopped on the 10th!

Spread the news.. gelakguling

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ok! It’s a ranting moment peeps and this time is about our lift service here at the condominium. Ever since the fire incident, the lift service had gone from bad to worse. The residents of the 11th floor still do not have lift service on their floor! And for me, even though the lift comes up to the 10th floor when we’re going down, the lift choose to disregard our request to stop on the 10th floor whenever we were going up! So it just does as it desires, to either stop on the 12th or 13th floor! Such a bother especially during grocery shopping like today!

The management just got changed two months back and though the security has tightened, which is good, the lift service is yet to be desired. They should really get some new Lift Equipment to replace the old ones. Perhaps they should buy some from Shuttlelift for instance eh!

Anyway, I hope something gets done real soon coz we know the Owner’s Association has been having meetings with the new management since they took over. Here’s hoping :)


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Friday, March 21, 2008

It was 5.30am and both me and hubby were still wide awake. In fact we just had a very early breakfast of hotdog in a bun. What a breakfast eh? Anyway, I was in my bedroom getting ready for my prayers when I heard shouts coming from downstairs. I thought “Not Again!” and then I heard “Tolong! Tolong” (help! help!) and then whistles.. I quickly peeped out my window and I saw these two guys struggling or fighting with another guy. When the security guards from our building started using their whistles, the two guys ran off. The security guards handed some wipes to the victim and walked with him back to the security station.

Then this morning, we found out from the guards downstairs that it was robbery attempt. The victim, who was in a white long sleeved shirt was walking towards the bus-stop using the park and these two guys attacked him hoping it was a snatch and run kinda thing but the the victim fought back.. and hence the cry for help.

Wah what an adventure eh?!.. I love my condo apartment! ….Lolzz!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

You know my story on the guy who was possessed the other day? Well yesterday, we heard loud noises down at the playground. Hubby looked out the balcony once again to see what the commotion was all about. This time he was all ready to go downstairs should it be a similar incident.

However, it was some drunks sitting around in the dark, making lots of noises and singing at the top of their lungs. They must think they are on American Idol or something. I told hubby I hope the guards downstairs would call on the cops again and haul them all the police station for creating such commotion in the middle of night. Send them all to the alcohol rehab center or something. So irritating!

Still cheerful though..

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday, at around 11pm, I was watching tv and blogging on Miss Fly in the living room. Hubby was inside the study doing some research on some real estate issues for his father. Then suddenly, there was a loud scream coming from the balcony area downstairs. Our balcony faces a playground and at night it’s not lighted but you know there are a lot of youngsters that like to hang out there.

Anyway, af first we thought it sounded like a kid screaming. but then it got louder and more often. Hubby looked out the balcony and saw (it was not pitch dark last night) a man lying on the ground. He was screaming and his friends was like holding him down. Hubby immediately knew that the man must have been possessed coz he was like screaming “Sapa Kau?!” or “Who are you?” to the people holding him down. See how loud he was screaming, we could practically hear what’s going on down there.

Our building security must have called the cops because they arrived after 30 minutes or so and helped disperse the crowd that was forming. Some more people came and the man was carried to a house close by (he must be living nearby). We heard his screaming till 3am and then suddenly there’s silence. Hubby figured someone must have managed to help the man or something.

We only managed to go to sleep after the guy became quiet. Wow so scary eh.. and I hope he’s ok!


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

My dvd marathon of Cashmere Mafia was rudely interrupted this evening by a loud knocking on the door. Hubby was not around and I was definitely not expecting anyone today. I peeped out my service balcony and saw my neighbour Sally knocking on another neighbour’s door. I called out to her to find out what was happening and she told me..”fire.. fire on the 11th floor”.. I was like “what?!!”… and she said “get ready to leave!”

OMG! Why is this happening at a time when hubby’s not at home.?! I immediately changed and went out to meet her. She told me that the lift lobby was on fire at the 11th floor. Mind you, I am on the 10th floor. I asked her if the fire department had been called and she said her hubby already called them. I asked her for specific details and she said all she knew was that the fire might be in the lift or outside at the 11th floor lobby.

Lots of things went thru my mind. If we need to evacuate, what about my kitties? I got six of them and there is simply no way I can carry them all alone. Even if I can carry two at a time, I can’t go up and down the staircase three times! I called hubby immediately and he told me to get all our important documents ready, to be prepared and he was coming home!

After getting ready, I waited at our balcony for the fire brigade but did not see any come at all. There also wasn’t any smoke or anything so I got curious as to what was happening. I grabbed my keys and went to our lift lobby….. nothing .. all quiet … so I went up to the 11th storey and as I approached the landing, I saw white residue on the floor, you know like the residue from the fire extinguisher. I peeped through the door and indeed saw the burnt control panel. Lights covering was also on the flooring. But on the whole it was not that bad. I guess we won’t have any lift service for a few days but there was no deadly fire to escape from.

I relaxed, went back to my apartment and called my hubby to let him know everything was fine. Nothing to worry about and he didn’t have to rush home.

Wow, what a frightening evening. Now, I’m really wondering what I would have done should there really be an evacuation. Hmmm…

Any suggestion??…

PS: GP! Cashmere Mafia darn syiok… Thanks for suggesting me to watch it.. Muahss!!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Being Singaporean, we are really spoiled. Very rare occasion do we experience “no-water” supply. Although most of us live in flats and get our water supply from that huge water tank on top, we (or I) have never had a moment when there is no water supply, without prior notice, that is. So, as naive as I am, when we moved into this condo unit, basically a flat lah, I thought it would be the same thing. Boy, was I wrong. Not only are we being a charge a hand and a foot for our water supply, we also found out that if anything were to happen to the water tank up there, we would be “water-less” until something got done.

So far, the two years that we’ve been living here, we had to go water-less two times. I’ve blogged about it once before and the most recent happened tonight. We just got home from my IL’s anniversary dinner and it was too hot to shower, so we both thought we rest a while cooling down with a cup of hot cocoa (special offer going on – the brand “Super” has Cocoa with Tongkat Ali and Misai Kucing and with every pack you get a free umbrella. The pack only worth RM12.90 – but I digress).

Anyway, when we were in the lift, we heard this “waterfall” sound and upon reaching our floor, we peeped down from the corridor and noticed that the third floor was basically flooded. We thought nothing of it until around 10pm when we heard the “waterfall” stopped. Again, we thought it was nothing until I decided it was time for shower and went to kitchen to place my mug at the sink, turned on the tap and “Arghhhh!!!”…. NO WATER!!!.. Then only we sort of put two and two together and figured someone must have called the maintenance people and they must have shut down the supply to fix the problem – hence the “waterfall” stop. We found out later that the culprit was a water pipe that had burst.

To make a long story short, we were waterless from 10pm to 1am (although it seemed like eternity). After hubby’s short talk with the maintenance man, I also found that our water supply had to travel from the topmost floor down to the ground floor and then travel back up again to whichever floor is calling. Weird right? I thought it would travel from the tank straight to the requesting pipe outlet. Oh well, you learn something new everyday!..lolz..

The water supply still comes in squirts now and sometimes it’s cloudy and dark, so I’m postponing my shower for a few more hours I guess, while hubby calls me “his assam girl” – translated to mean… “sour girl??” heheehh…


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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have you ever found yourself in need of a plumber and just can’t find one to save your life? Well this happened a few weeks back at our apartment. Me and hubby was as usual in our study and suddenly there was this “boom” in the kitchen.

It sounded like it came from the kitchen. My first response was “EPPPP!” thinking that it was one of the cats up to their regular tricks. The next thing I saw was Anja running from the drying area, not that she ever walk anyway, but she did look panicky. So I left my blogging and checked out the kitchen…hmm all looked fine until I heard a commotion upstairs and I saw our neighbours from upstairs peering down on us through our drying area. I was like “what the @#$#?”.. Then she said: “err.. bocor ka??” meaning “is it leaky?” I was like “huh??” until I saw what she meant.

It seemed she had a choke at the sink and since she can’t find a plumber at that time or risk paying double because it was like 9pm, her husband, “poked” the hole with a stick or something and “poked” too hard causing the bottom of the hole which lead to our apartment to break open. To make the story short, her hubby came downstairs and managed to put the cover back in place.

Disaster avoided!

Oh well, I guess we just have to be happy that no real damaged was done but where was the plumber when we needed one?


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Monday, November 05, 2007

Panic Alert! Panic Alert!

A Swallow has landed. I repeat a swallow has landed. Keep the cats calm.. save the bird!

That was the chaos we experience just ten minutes ago. A swallow has apparently lost it’s way and entered our house through our balcony. Both me and hubby went on “save the bird mode” Smokey and Mufasa went on “catch the bird mode” all along going “Toy, toy”. Of course that would be “Meow, meow” in cat language.

The bird made it’s way into the kitchen and Smokey went into flight mode. I grabbed him in mid-air and hubby grabbed first thing he can, and that happened to be a traditional food cover also known as “Tudung Saji” to catch the bird before any of the other kitties do. All along Aggie was calm.

Hubby managed to finally catch up with the bird who was already beginning to tire out using the handy “tudung saji”. He petted it for a while before letting it go out the balcony as well.

Smokey’s not happy, Mufasa is now very grumpy. Aggie is still calm…

Panic Alert recalled…..

A typical “tudung saji”..only ours was plastic :-)


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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh man!.. hubby just realised that there’s no water supply to our unit. What’s worse is that since we are living in an apartment and all the water source is coming from the big water tank on the roof and not direct source, and since there is no individual water tank for each unit, we are literally screwed!.

NO WATER LAHHH!!! HOW??? It’s only 1.30am here.. long way to go till morning and call anybody.

What a way to start November :(

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