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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I was surfing around for a new apps in August and chance upon an apps called Touchnote at the android marketplace. Coincidentally they were having a promotion with Samsung and the Olympics that let people send free postcard all over the world. You can choose from their library of images or you can send your own pictures. I opted to send two of my own to test. I sent one to myself (lol) and to Azwaj..

I got the cards yesterday.. so YEAY!

Touchnote postcard

Anyway, Touchnote is having another promotion via their Touchnote Facebook apps and you can send postcards to your Facebook friends for FREE. This promotion is running till the end of the  Paralympic Games so hurry and send one today.

What you need to do:

  1. Go to Touchnote page and click on CREATE a POSTCARD
  2. Pick a image from their library or choose from your own album
  3. Pick your friend and write your message and hit the send buttontouchnote postcard
  4. Your friend will get notified via FB notification but my guess is it’s better to ask them to check their notification page on FB coz apparently they don’t get notified for some reason
  5. Once your friend click on the notification, they will be prompted to enter their address.
  6. Your postcard will then be sent from UK to your friend
  7. Enjoy!




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