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Thursday, July 21, 2016

It should be no surprise that healthier living starts with what you eat. Getting more plant-based foods into your diet while cutting back on meat is a great way to jump-start your journey into creating a healthier you. While exercise also plays an important role in creating a healthy lifestyle, changing what you eat can kick-start the whole experience. However, eating more plant-based meals isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips that can make the whole process easier.

Buy Smarter

While cutting back on meat used to be difficult, more and more manufacturers are replacing traditional ingredients with plant-based items. One example is Hampton Creek, which makes a product called Just Mayo. Rather than use eggs like the traditional recipe for mayonnaise, it uses organic, plant-based ingredients. These types of companies are making it easier than ever to remove products such as eggs from your diet and replace it with healthy pea protein or other ingredients.

Don’t Focus on Meal Variety

Thanks to cooking shows and social standards, people have an idea of what the perfect meal looks like in their heads. This often includes a plate full of variety. Keep in mind that there’s no rule that states how many different types of foods you need on your plate during any one meal. This is not to say that variety is bad, but it’s just as fine to eat just one or two types of food during a meal. Trying to fit too many on your plate can make eating more plant-based foods harder. Instead, focus on eating a variety throughout the day, and make sure you hit your main food groups.

Eat the Same Thing More Often

While there are a lot of great plant-based meal ideas, it can be difficult to come up with a new plant-based menu item all the time. However, you don’t have to. Don’t be afraid to eat the same thing more than once a week. Find four to 10 meal ideas you like, and focus on eating those over the course of a week or two. It’s perfectly fine to have the same meal twice during this amount of time.

Pro tip: Try to choose meal ideas that use many of the same ingredients. This will prevent you from having to buy tons of different ingredients to make your meals throughout the next week or two.

Make Your Meals Ahead of Time

The biggest problem with preparing plant-based meals is that it takes longer. That’s why it’s a good idea to make your meals ahead of time. Choose one day out of the week to spend a few hours in the kitchen cooking. You can freeze and store your prepared meals for later. When it’s meal time, just pop that meal into the microwave or oven, and you have a home-cooked meal in minutes.

Invest in the Right Tools

Sometimes healthier living involves investing in new kitchen tools. Having the right tools on hand can make preparing healthier meals seem less daunting. For example, some peelers can easily turn a zucchini or squish into long noodle-like pieces in just seconds. If you replace your traditional wheat noodles with these zucchini noodles, you have a healthy veggie pasta dish. Other tools such as preparing knifes and blenders make healthy eating quick and simple as well.

Herb It Up

One common complaint that people have about healthy eating is how bland it is, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because you opt for more plant-based foods in your diet doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of flavor. Spice up your dishes with dried herbs. While you can easily pick up seasoning from your local store, remember that many seasonings have more sodium and other additives mixed in. Instead, focus on buying your herbs fresh and drying them yourself. If you feel better buying your herbs from a store, choose brands that don’t put additives in their seasonings. Look for the staples such as oregano, basil and thyme. Most of the time, you can find these types of herbs in stand-alone form.

By using the tips above, you can jump-start your path to wellness. Living healthier doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is a little willpower and a better understanding of the food you put into your body. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Mistakes are going to happen, but the key is to continue adding more plant-based foods into your diet.

eat healthy

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Thursday, May 07, 2015

If you want to get back to nature but you aren’t ready to spend a week inside a tent, you may choose to rent a cabin for your outdoor vacation. Renting a cabin allows you to have some comforts of home without skimping on opportunities to explore nature. The key is to be prepared before you go on vacation. Here are some ways you can start preparing now.

Know What is Included
The biggest questions any vacationer will have is what will be included in the cabin and what you will have to bring yourself. This can vary depending on the area where you choose to stay and the type of cabin you are renting. Typically, cabins come with necessities like blankets, flashlights, paper products and more. What you may have to bring on your own will include food, fishing equipment, camping supplies and other amenities for keeping yourself and your family entertained. If you are not sure what a cabin includes, make sure to contact the cabin owner before you book your trip.

Plan to Visit Local Attractions
Another way you can plan for your cabin adventure ahead of time is to find out what the local attractions are and which ones may interest you. Although many cabins are places in quite, secluded areas there are always local attractions to explore whether you want to spend the day out in the woods or in a museum learning about local history.

Be Mindful of Weather
If you are spending your summer vacation in a cabin, it is important to be aware of what the weather may bring during your stay. While hot summer days and comfortable evenings are often what you find, there is always potential for poor conditions including rain and heavy thunderstorms. Make sure that you are prepared for all of these events by having alternate entertainment for rainy days and know where you can seek shelter if the weather takes a serious turn.

Camping in cabins in Broken Bow and other areas in the southwest can be a great experience for you and your whole family. As long as you are prepared with the necessities, you will have a great time exploring the area.

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

If you are looking at a career to become a photographer or you just want to learn the basics about taking great pictures of your family and friends, you can enroll today in classes online that will give you valuable information, tools, and techniques to become a great picture taker.

A Lovely Photo

Taking pictures is more than just aiming your lens at a focal point and snapping the button. Taking pictures is an art form, and you can transform your photos into beautiful pieces. There are a variety of companies that offer online classes to increase your picture taking skill and techniques. Once you enroll, you will learn about common ways to take pictures and how to quickly elevate them. You will discover all the possibilities there are to taking pictures of children in a candid environment. Instead of having a kid look into the lens to say “cheese,” you will gain a batter picture when they are least expecting it. This is a memorable way to capture some of the happiest, funniest, and beautiful times in a child’s life. You will also learn about taking pictures in various light forms and settings. This can be helpful at weddings, vacations, or any type of area you want to snap a few pictures in.

Times to Remember

If your new skills flourish and you want to advance with your camera, you can start your own business taking photos for weddings, parties, and special events. It is important to charge prices that are fairly reasonable so that friends and family members will hire you, instead of the competition out in the field. Your new found skills will show in your work and in all your masterpieces. You will give people the chance to live wonderful memories just by looking at an amazing picture that you have been able to capture. A basic camera will allow you to take the pictures you need, but a high-end model will help you progress on the way if you desire. Some cameras may be expensive, but if you are passionate about snapshots and want to start a business, choosing the best equipment will be best in your journey.

Please Say “Cheese”

If you have sparked an interest in learning how to take great photos, enroll today in online courses that will show you the basics, give you valuable information, and will provide you with a way to get your professional photo career started.


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It’s the right of every U.S. citizen to bear arms, but unless you’re careful about where you’re keeping them, this inalienable right can turn into tragedy. So what if you’re ready to take responsibility for your guns by keeping them safely stowed away? Here are five things to keep in mind before you lay down money on a gun safe.

1: Purpose

The first thing to consider is why you’re in the market for a gun safe in the first place. Are you just trying to keep your firearms out of the hands of your children? Because if that’s the case, a locked cabinet will do. However, if you’re thinking more about fire hazards and flood protection, you should consider something more disaster-proof, like heavy gauge steel.

2: Size

Where will you be keeping your gun safe? It’s no use buying something that won’t fit in the back of the closet if that’s the only area of your home where you can store it. You’ll also need to consider the size of your guns themselves, like how many will fit, if there’s room for more in the future, et cetera.

3: Weight

Many burglars will grab a safe and flee, only bothering to crack it later, once they’re out of the hot zone. A nice heavy safe will prevent them from getting far with your property. On the other hand, if you anticipate lots of transportation for your safe, like if you’re on the road for a gun show and keeping your safe in the trunk, you’ll want something lighter and more portable so you don’t kill your back unloading and re-loading.

4: Material

As noted above, heavy gauge steel is one of your best bets for firearm safety. The tougher the steel, the lower the gauge number. 12 gauge steel is what you’ll see most often in gun safes because it’s the least expensive among heavy-duty models, but 10 gauge steel is stronger and more resistant to flame and axes. Check out sites like to explore your options when it comes to gun safe construction.

5: Locks

When all other things are considered, there’s nothing more important in a safe than its lock. The good kind will come with two or three locking mechanisms at the very least, and the really good kind will also offer failsafes and back-ups for extreme theft prevention. If you want to protect your children, your property and your Second Amendment rights, make sure you choose a strong, long-lasting gun safe.

gun vault


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I’m torn about actually posting the pictures here because it is so ghastly! So for you who dare to see what could happen if you use a ring while bowling.. please click on this link ok :)

And for those of you that don’t know…DNeero survey is now using Twitter enabling you earn more. Check out my blog entry here!


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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

As a tribute to Nurin Jazlin, NafaSG has called on all bloggers to start a Blogger Unite Movement against Child Abuse. This is very timely and I support the movement a 110%..

There is also a website that you can visit to show your support against child abuse and online child pornography as explained in my earlier post Light a Million Candles


In our times of darkness, children are the ones who will brighten us up. No matter what ordeals we have to endure in our daily lives, we know that we can overcome them the moment we set eyes on children. Their innocence and purity in them will always give us a sense of peacefulness and calm that is beyond words. And it goes without saying that life would be meaningless without seeing them smile, hearing them laugh and cry, and feeling their small and flawlessly gentle hands that want to reach out to us.

Yet, there are some who show no empathy and sensitivity towards these beautiful souls. Worse still, they would dunk themselves into physical violence and cruelty towards the children without even thinking twice. Such acts can deem someone to be worse than an animal, because even an animal has compassion and love for its young.

What is going on with this world? Why must such horrid acts be carried out? Why do these people ever exist in this world?

Please take this time to read this special message from us, and show your utmost support and sympathy towards the family of the late Nurin Jazlin, who passed away tragically and brutally at the age of only eight. Little Nurin Jazlin’s body was discovered in a gym bag on 17th September, one month after she was abducted. Upon the discovery, she was seen to be in the most horrifying state ever. Her hair was short and curled up, when it was originally straight and long. Her body was pale and badly bruised from head to toe, and there were traces of foreign objects like brinjal and cucumber found in the virginal area of her body.

Parents of the deceased took a long time to acknowledge her death, but eventually did after all the thorough DNA tests had been carried out by the forensics department. Her body was finally buried on 21st September. Her father, Jazimin Abdul Jalil, had expressed his sorrow towards this tragedy, stating that whoever who caused her death was not a human being, but rather, an animal.

This was the result of an outrage of modesty (See Picture On The Right) caused by a man of age between 35 and 40, who was thought to be someone who enjoyed torturing people, particularly children. Along with him was a 23-year-old lady, who was apparently his partner in crime. The lady had been found and called for questioning by the Malaysian authorities, whereas the man has yet to be found. Hence, we are urging all of you here to play your part in finding this serial killer cum sexual offender and ensuring that justice is served to the deceased and her family.

If you know of the culprits’ whereabouts, keep us informed immediately, or directly inform her uncle, Jasni Abdul Jalil, via his blog, which he had specially created as a form of dedication to her.

Over the years, we have heard of children’s lives being taken away due to the evil doings of heartless adults. Nurin’s death was one of the most gruesome and tragic deaths that made many of us shocked, despaired and furious. Do you want more children to die in the hands of these sadistic people? Do you still wish to hear such saddening news of child abuse?Then let us do our part right away! Together we can make this world a better place for the little ones. Let us all join hand in hand and put a stop to such cruelty towards them once and for all! Fight against child abuse today.We have created a logo to show our support towards the fight against child abuse. If you would like to join in this movement, please copy and paste this article in your site and place the logo. After displaying this article, leave us a comment and we will add your link in our list of bloggers who have voluntarily helped us in this movement.

Bloggers Unite Against Child Abuse

Copy and paste the above code to your post.

Once you have added the article and badge in your post, please inform us by leaving a comment on this article and we will include you in the list. You may also wish to place the badge on your sidebar. PLEASE HELP TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE.
Thank you.


I, Rolando, support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Janice, support the Movement.This is my supported article..

I, Karen, support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Flsam, support the Movement. This is my supported article

I, Little Chumsy, support the Movement.

I, Amel support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Desperate Mummy, support the Movement.

I, Winston support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Xiaoyenzi support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Jean Chia support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Kee Yit support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Aryst support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Bobby support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Lilifxt support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Thira support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, Lee Chien support the Movement.This is my supported article.

I, JaMiLLa support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Mariuca support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Jesse support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Mhrmz support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Robert support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Kero support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, LadyJava support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Rayne Lim support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, Sweet Pea support the Movement. This is my supported article.

I, YOUR NAME (MAIN URL) support the movement. This is my supported article (YOUR ARCHIVE LINK).


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I got this email today and I found it simply amazing!! Try it out :)

**please note the phone number you use must be a 8 digit number

  1. key-in the first 4 digit of your handy phone number br into the calculator
  2. multiply by 80
  3. add 1
  4. multiply by 250
  5. plus last four digit of phone number
  6. plus last four digit of phone number again
  7. minus 250
  8. divide by 2 at last

Is it your handy phone number???

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Light a candle for the innocent victims of online child abuse..

They don’t ask for your money just please light a candle….

Do your small part… thank you :)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

I came across this website called TruthorFiction and I found this particular story very very interesting. It’s about the mating of a tiger and a lion and the offspring is called a Liger. Now you really got to see this video to believe the size of this species.. Spectacular…

You can read all about it at TruthorFiction.

Now where can i get one???

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

In a quest to find traffic to my humble website, I found this great site where you can just place a code on your website to earn credits like you see at the right column of this page. And even if you not have a website they have a great tool which is called the “Floating Code”. You can use that on any website you wanted to promote. Just fill in the website you wanted to promote in and you get a code which you then have to put on your website. Click on the banner and start generating traffic for your own website.

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