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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Source codes are naughty aren’t they? They give out all sorts of information about the blog and the blog owner. However if you got nothing to hide, then there is nothing to worry about right? That being said, this is what this blog entry is all about.

You know how sometimes you want to write about something but the time is just not right? You’re just too busy, you are distracted with life or something always happens that put that issue at the back burner. Well I got a little time on my hands presently and I think now is the right time as any to write this post.

Sometime ago, a blogger attacked me for no reason. He suddenly started analyzing my blog loading speed, spread malicious claims that I force visitors to listen to ads while waiting for my comment section to load and accused me and my circle of friends of cheating on giveaways and contests that we organized. I retaliated by sending him out a plea for him to never visit my sites and to stay away from me and my blogs.  Soon after another incident, I published another blog post exposing what a coward he is when he amended his malicious post about me and my friends to a somewhat innocent entry at his livejournal blog.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to the Dave Lucas or otherwise known as The Troll.  You see, I discovered that this Troll has another blog that he blogged anonymously under. He won this blog in a contest and wanted to remain anonymous to the point that the former owner of the blog during the announcement didn’t even let the other participants know who won! Weird? Funny? I though so..

Winner Not Announced?

Winner Not Announced?


Yeap.. The Troll is now blogging using the handle “The Twitterer” and he has joined Music Monday! Music Monday, my beloved meme that I created and one that has given him traffic each time he joins! So.. no more I tell you!

How do I know he is who I say he is?

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