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Saturday, September 09, 2017

These tips are really handy. I’ve used some of them before, like using the camera feature of my phone to magnify stuff and locate my specs after I take them off.

I also use my camera phone’s feature to “see” stuff when I can’t use my glasses, like when I am at the hairdresser. I took my phone out and use the camera feature and point to the mirror using the rear camera. My hairdresser asked me if I was taking pictures but I told her no and that I was just watching her work. I explained that I was blind as a bat without my glasses and by doing this I can see exactly what she was doing!

I’m excited to use more of the tips here. I’m hopeful the hack for scratches works.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Getting a mortgage is a part of most of people’s lives. The annoying meetings and viewings, mixed with a sense of unrestricted excitement. You need to give yourself the best possible chance of saving the best mortgage possible. To do this, you need the best deposit you can muster, as a result you need to save a lot of money. There are all differing ways to do this, and you need to find some tips that suit you more than others. Finding what works for you can take time, but is ultimately worth it. Sometimes it can be hard finding these out when you have work to do, but there are some tips that apply to everyone and can help when in the hunt for a mortgage. You may of considered some, but try the others and see how they can help you.

Cut Back On Needed Spending
Needed spending is things like groceries, and other things you just need to buy to survive. You can always get food a little cheaper, just be hard on yourself. This way you can save more money up towards the mortgage and have a bigger deposit. Check out offers and make sure you stick to your list, don’t needlessly pick things up. You can also check out for voucher codes for some money off your purchases. This may seem petty and small fry, but over the weeks you’ll soon see your money add up.



Watch Out For Monthly Outgoings
This is important because they take up a chunk of your monthly outgoings that your bank will factor into your lending. If you can get rid before your meeting then do it. That gym membership you hardly use? Cancel it. Don’t use Netflix anymore, stop it. Over the year these payments add up. Limit them for a better chance and a higher mortgage offer and a deal that can suit you way better. If you can, pay off some of the bigger owings, then you can be seen to be able to manage debt properly and give back what is owed, making you a more attractive person to lend money to.

Get Your Credit In Check
Use a site like Experian to monitor your credit. It needs to be good. If it isn’t, then work on it. Get a credit card, which admittedly sounds like the opposite thing to in this case but if you use it wisely you can build a great credit rating up. Make small payments on your credit card and pay them off at the earliest opportunity. You will soon see your credit rise. Have you had your name on the electoral register? If it isn’t get it on there. It can make a difference and help you push for better credit. If you have multiple credit cards then condense down to one. If you have a large limit then lower it. Doing these things can aid your limit and help you get the right mortgage offers when you sit down with your bank manager. Good luck!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

If you dream of working in the music industry, you don’t need to necessarily land a record deal to be successful. There are many great jobs in the industry that provide opportunities to develop artists and can still possibly lead to fame and fortune. Here are a few of the top music industry jobs that you may want to pursue.

Audio Engineer

You can help artists record new songs by working as an audio engineer. This job involves operating recording equipment while artists are inside recording booths. You’ll use electronic effects, equalizing and mixing to produce the best sounds. You may need to attend classes at a music school or a university so that you can learn how to properly operate the equipment and get the most out of each recording session.

Music Manager

As a music manager, you’ll be responsible for helping musicians establish their careers. You’ll likely be asked to review contracts, help book gigs and offer sound advice that can steer artists in the right direction. You may even choose to be like notable entrepreneur Coran Capshaw and start your own music management company. Mr. Capshaw has had the opportunity to work with many top music acts, and working as a music manager might allow you to get to know some famous musicians on a more personal level.

A&R Executive

When you work as an artists and repertoire executive, you’ll be in charge of discovering new artists and bringing them to the attention of the record company that employs you. To find new talent, you’ll be listening to demos that have been submitted to the record company and going to live shows that feature up-and-coming acts. A&R executives also need to oversee album productions and promote upcoming tours for artists.

Session Musician

If you’re a talented musician yourself, you may be able to find work as a session musician. These types of musicians are hired to play during recording sessions. If you can play multiple instruments, that will be a definite advantage in this career. One of the best parts about being a session musician is that you’ll be able to play for a wide range of artists without having to worry about signing any long-term contracts with them.

Tour Manager

This job will be perfect for you if you enjoy being on the road for long periods of time. As a tour manager, you’ll need to make sure that the bands you’re working for get safely to performance venues and hotels while they travel from show to show. You’ll also need to communicate with venue mangers and promoters so that everything runs smoothly at each show. Other duties include making flight reservations, scheduling sound check times and managing expenses.

Your dream of working in the music industry can become a reality when you embark on any of these exciting career paths. These jobs will allow you to work directly with artists and help develop new talent who may end up taking the music world by storm.

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Looking at sexy lingerie is great, but choosing the right piece for your lady can be a challenge. The perfect gift is fun for you, comfortable for her, and sexy for you both. Celebrity stylist Pilar Andrus shows Dan Soder the Mansome way to buy lingerie for your lady. Learn something new for this Valentine’s Day guys! Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

I found this cute little app from the Google play and installed it to see how stressful I am. It is really simple to use. You just click on the start button and place your hand over the camera and within 2minutes you’ll get your reading.

So far the reading is pretty accurate for me coz I am pretty stressed right now running to the toilet every 5minutes :(

You can get the app here from Google play and here from itune. Have fun!


My Reading


First Commenter
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Sunday, December 04, 2011

I may not have any dslr cameras to shout about but I am loving the latest app that I have downloaded for my HTC Desire HD phone that lets me take moderately great panoramic images just like the one you see below. This is what I get to see each day from my balcony. Awesome right? It is slightly dark as the lighting is off today but on a clear day you can actually see the majestic KLCC tower! Download the image to see the full effect of the picture.

LJ's balcony view

Excellent View My Balcony

The app is called Photaf and it’s available on the android marketplace.


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I was reading about abdominal cuts review when I got distracted with all of Mariuca’s emoji talk. Me being me was not satisfied that I wasn’t able to view her much talked about Emoji and so set to find out if there was any way to view it while I am at my desktop.

Since I am using Chrome as my default browser, I went in search for extension or plugins for that and guess what? I found a few.

emoji for chrome


I tried them all and found that all of them are useful except for ChromEmoji.

Basically “Show Me Emoji” would serve as a little keyboard that you can use to pick and choose your emoji so that you can paste them anywhere on the web, like ChromedBird, Facebook and even comment boxes. In my case, ChromedBird, my twitter addon, will not display emoji, so what I do is I copy whatever emoji Mariuca is showing me and paste them on “Show me Emoji” and wala.. I now know what she is talking about.. lol!


The Emoji Keyboard and Decipher

“Emoji” and “Emoji for Twitter” will help you view emojis on twitter pages and websites without needing to use the “Show Me Emoji” keyboard.


snippets from my twitter page




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Friday, July 09, 2010

I just found another plugin for MS Outlook today. This one is call FBLook and it lets me update my facebook status live right from outlook. So now I can just update my status to say “taking my diet supplements“.. without opening another browser. Awesome right? I know!

All you need to do is just..

1. Download the file from the FBLook site
2. Close your outlook application if you have it opened, install the file
3. Reopened outlook and you will already see the toolbar at the top
4. Follow some simple instruction and update away!

PS: More blogging tutorial from me…

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I’ve recently decided to pop out my main email account to my Microsoft Outlook and after several hours of popping out. I can safely say, all my emails are now intact and safe and sound in my hard drive.

So there I was tweaking and customizing with rules (making sure that emails containing keywords such as slimming pills that work are highlighted) and what not on my outlook, when it suddenly occurred to me if there would be a plugin or an add-on out there for me to access twitter in outlook. So once again, I did my fingers go the walking and I found one fantastic plugin. It’s called Twinbox and it’s awesome. All you need to do is …

1. Download the file

2. Install the file but not before making sure your outlook application is closed off first

3. Reopened Microsoft Outlook and you will see a toolbar right on top as shown. You can easily customize this toolbar too.

4. Once you add all your twitter accounts, you will see a directory just like shown on the picture as well.

5. That’s it!


FYI: This plugin would not work with Outlook Express.

PS: More blogging tutorial from me…

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Be it in our offline and online stuff, we all like to dress up everything we that we do and have. For those of us that have cats, we love to dress them up as other animals or even human. For those that have horses, we use horse tack to make them more attractive. For those of us that chat, emotions plays a big role to express and dress up what what we are feeling. If we have a blog, we like to make it more interesting with smileys as well. Now with twitter you have smileys and emoticons too. I recently found some fun ones and would like to share them with you. Check them out below and all you need to do is just copy and paste them in your updates. Have fun!

smileys on twitter


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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have been asked numerous times by clients who wished to know how to revamp/add/delete their labels or categories for their blog post in blogger blog. So I thought, where better than to just put it here at LadyJava’s Lounge so that you, my readers, might benefit too.

Firstly, think of label as a filing system. A generic filing system. So you would label this post for instance as Blogger Tutorial and/or Blogging but you would NOT label it as Remove Labels or Add labels.. See the difference? Labels make it easier for visitors to navigate around your blog so unless your blog is all about the different kinds of flowers (Jasmine, Rose, Lilies), a label call FLOWERS would suffice.

Also please remember, labels are being controlled by the post, so you can’t delete the labels but once a no post bears that label, that label would disappear from your list. So essentially, you are amending your blog post label and not vice versa.

Here goes..

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on “EDIT POST”
  2. On the left side of the table, you will see labels and the number of post that has that label on it. On the right side you will see post with the labels being displayed in green next to it
  3. Go through all your labels and decide what you want to do and how you want to categorized your post. If you see a label with just one post, decide if you need that label or can you class it under an existing label.
  4. Now click on any label.
  5. On the right hand side now, all post relating to the label would be displayed.
  6. Click in the square right next to all the post you want to change. I would suggest at this time to click one first.
  7. Now, do you noticed the dropdown menu just on top of the table? Click on the arrow and scroll down inside this box, you will see..

    Dropdown Menu

    The Dropdown Menu

    • Apply Label” in bold. This is all the labels that is available at your blog. So if you want to add an existing label to the post, just click the relevant label and it would be added to the post.
    • Scroll down further. Just before “Remove Label” you will see “New label” – this is what you click if you want to add a totally new label to the post
    • Right after that, you will see “Remove Label“. This is the label that is currently being used for that particular post and if you want to remove any labels from that post, just choose whichever label it is and click it
  8. Please remember all change are immediate the moment you click on a label. There is no prompt asking if you are sure of your action. Having said that, do not worry, you will not NEVER lose any post in your blog this way. The post would just be under a different label.

I hope this  helps and let me know if you find the tutorial useful :)

PS: More blogging tutorial from me…

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