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Thursday, March 18, 2010

One look and you may missed it. Two looks you might not noticed any difference either. However, if you were to comment on this blog, you noticed that I have Intense Debate commenting system installed here. You may think that I may have switch to ID after all and that I prefer it to the other two commenting system I have mentioned before. Well not necessarily true.  Now I can have ID, with it’s smileys and CommentLuv, simply because  I can, without any worries that I will lose my comments due to it’s not syncing with blogger.

Why and how?

WordPressThe why is because LadyJava’s Lounge have moved to it’s own hosting and blogging platform, from blogger to wordpress,  and the how is because ID have a plug in for WordPress that works beautifully, syncing to each other even when ID fails to load because of slow loading connection. So irregardless of you commenting on wordpress commenting system or ID commenting system, the comments would be intact on both platform!

After using blogger for a few years now on all my blogs, it is nice to change to something new. As I mentioned in my previous post, I like to keep my life interesting so blogging wise, this is it. I won’t be moving over all my blogs as I still love blogger and it’s simplicity but I am glad that I have made the decision to move my main blog, LJL , to the wordpress platform. I’m still tweaking here and there making it me but am pretty happy with the results so far. One drawback though, when I moved, the Google Friend “Follow” widget did not move with the blog as it was somehow attached to the blogspot address.. so if you guys still feel like following me around, please feel free to refollow using the widget here.  Everything is the same and it is still good ol’ LadyJava’s Lounge so don’t be coy and leave your comments and look around ya . (EDITED: I found a way to link up to my Google Friend Widget and got my followers back.. so Yeay! Thank you for following LJL)

On that note, I want to make three guesses for my BFF  Mariuca,  EC Giveaway!

  • A guessed 123,000
  • Smokey guessed  120,000
  • I guess 115,000


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I’m seriously torn between three commenting system, JS-Kit, Disqus and Intense Debate.

I was a great JS-Kit fan and had it installed on all my blogs and raved about their services can customer service, but recently though, certain problems have arisen giving me cause to look at other blog commenting options namely Disqus and Intense Debate.

confused imageThese are the problems so far that I’ve encountered from JS-Kit:

  • The synchronizing with blogger comments are not consistent. Sometimes it does sync and sometimes it doesn’t, leaving my blogger dashboard with zero comments on some posts.
    • The synchronizing option of JSKit was the one drawing factor of JSKit for me. The fact that I won’t lose any comment in case I decide to switch back to my Blogger commenting system made me very confident of the program, hence the switch for all my blogs.
  • Recently with their “improved” follow option, blog owners are not getting notified of comments at their own blog even after changing the notification option on the JS dashboard.
    • This is definitely cause for worry as no notification means we won’t know if there are comments made on the blog. No notification means no response.. which, in my book is BAD

So like I said, I am looking for alternative and testing both Disqus and Intense Debate commenting system on some of my blogs.

To me, Disqus is good because it syncs up with blogger commenting system but bad it doesn’t support smileys and no CommentLuv. On the other hand although Intense Debate has smileys and Commentluv, it does not synch up with blogger.

Another plus point for Disqus is that although all three commenting systems offer exporting of comments, only Disqus lets you import those exported comments into their system. So for instance, although I might not have comments synch up with blogger for most of my post using JS, I can export the comments from JS and import it into Disqus and still have it appear on my post.

I was, however, not able to use Disqus here on this blog because it is too heavily customised and Disqus was not able to patch it for me.

You see the dilemma?

Currently I am testing Disqus on LJ Life’s Pages. LadyJava Creations, Online Money Chat and Blogger Cats while on Shopping Galore, I have Intense Debate installed. I still have JS-Kit on LadyJava’s Lounge, Being Woman and My Food Paradise.

I am monitoring them all closely and would update you with my decision soon.


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