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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I’ve never been a great sports fan. In fact, in school, I always had an excuse to NOT participate in any sports game and even escaped most physical education classes. Good thing that I had a great metabolic rate while growing up or else I am sure I would be much bigger then.

friday nite featsThat being said, State Farm® Insurance Companies has kicked off, what they called, State Farm Friday Night Feats, a national high school football video contest that recognizes the hard work and effort of high school students to get their community and their school to a better state.

Each week, high school football teams across the country are making bold and fantastic plays – their own Friday night feats so beginning August 25, these biggest moments of the season as captured by players, parents and fans can win up to $17,500 for their own high school.

From Aug. 25 until Nov. 28. eligible fans, coaches, players and even community members can submit videos to the State Farm Friday Night Feats contest page over at, to be considered as the best Friday night feat of the 2011 high school football season.

Check out the videos below so see you can win the big prize for your high school. Good luck!



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Friday, August 19, 2011

Any gamer will tell you that one of our peeve is when we’re so into a game and the equipment’s juice runs out. Like for example, when I’m playing my game “Fashion Store” and actively adding my inventory when all of the sudden I hear this beeping sound warning me that my phone’s battery is running low! In this case I can just hook up my phone to a power point and carrying on playing so no probs. The problem does occur when you are using wireless equipment like the ps3 controllers and the juice runs out. Well now you don’t have to stop playing because you can charge as you play with cables like PS3 Wireless remote charge link that you can plug into the front of your wireless controller and into the USB port of your console. Cool eh?

Games away!


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Saturday, August 06, 2011

I’ve always loved learning new stuff and with the internet these days, that is made so much easier. Anything and everything is just a click away and if you know what to look for, chances are you’ll find it. For most people these days, “Goggling” is a verb and with this newly created verb, the world of learning is at your fingertips at the comfort of your own home.

Having said that,  one day when I have time to spare, I would love to take up Online Courses . Perhaps even get an online degree programs in web designs. I learned everything I know from the web so to get some formal structured education in that field would be simply awesome. I learn and pick up website design knowledge on a  need to know basis so with a structure education, I get to know stuff that I don’t need at the moment but might in the future right?

Anyway, if you are interested to pursue online courses one day and need to check out some colleges, head on to and find out what they have to offer.

My primary school slogan was “Knowledge is Power” and oh how so true!


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of the year is as good a time as any for makeovers. Be it your hairdo, your wardrobe, your glasses and even your blog (ahem, ahem)!

I know I need a different look this year. I was thinking of cutting my hair short what with this hot weather and all but changed my mind as I kind of like my long hair now. Besides, it is already at a manageable length. I might change my mind later but I think I would keep it as it is right for now. As for wardrobe, I just did some shopping for Hari Raya so there are still lot of new pieces in there. So I figured I’ll changed my glasses. After all I had this pair for almost three years now and I think it’s time for new look!

I was looking around the Holiday frames at today. We all know of the fantastic prices that this site offers. They don’t use middle man so their prices are really cheap and affordable. I saw this nice and simple half rimless pair. I’ve always fancied these kind of frames but was always advised by opticians against it because of my high prescription. This time I think I would take the risk. After all the cost of frame and lenses would only cost USD19. Economical and stylish right?

Ok, excuse me now while I do my checkout :)


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When I used to be a normal person, waking up in the mornings and going to my nine to five job, I used to love year-ends. Not only were there an influx of holidays and parties, but there’s also plenty of personalized holiday gifts from suppliers, vendors and hotel representatives as a token of appreciation for all the business that we’ve given them. I used to go out for lunch and come back to hampers, log cakes, teddy bears, diaries and calendars. Ah.. those were the days. Nowadays I even have to buy diaries myself!

Perhaps I should get something for myself so that I don’t feel so blue. Perhaps a nice personalized thumb drive would do the trick. I heard Pexagon is offering 20% off their range of holiday gifts. There’s the personalized thumb drives, the wooden usb flash drives, the custom business card drives and even personalized pens. I could even have the words “LJ’s the Best” engraved on it or something. LOL!

Seriously though, if you are looking for corporate gifts or year-end giveaways, I think any one of these items would make fantastic tokens of appreciation and I’m sure your clients or even your own staff would love getting them.

Happy Holidays peeps!


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It’s been raining heavily these past few days that we were really in no mood to go anywhere especially house hunting. I’m in an even frustrated mood as I don’t have Miss Fly and my online and offline pc activities are really limited. I thought of re-tweaking one of my other blog but because of this limited time frame I think it’s not really a good idea.

So anyway, as I was surfing today (on my borrowed time), I searched for the keyword house for rental and I found this awesome site at Outer Banks vacation rental home. It looks absolutely beautiful and I could so imagine myself there enjoying all the luxuries provided by the home.
Sigh…ok.. back to reality…


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is coming and with that so many kids would be getting their dream toys, provided of course, they’ve been good that is :)

Some have requested for computer games while some put in a request for that brand new bicycle. Then there are those that request for that all time favorite disney figurine as well. If I was a kid right now and can sit on Santa’s lap, I would request for the “Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Roomâ„¢”….LOL!

I’ve never had a doll house growing up and this looks so awesome. I mean, check out the picture above. Isn’t it just so adorable. I just love the canopy bed and the magic mirror. The box says there are 51 items! Can you just imagine what else is in there! Wow! I’m getting so excited…hehe

The price is reasonable too. It’s just too bad I don’t have a girl of my own otherwise this would so be on her wishlist. LOL!

I found this dreamy doll house and a few other fantastic toys over at MegaBrand dot com. If you are looking for toys for your own kids why not check the site out. You may even just find something for that little kid in you…heheh


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You can never tell when any unexpected emergency situation is gonna strike. I guess that’s why it’s called unexpected and emergency in the first place right? Most times, these emergency not only create havoc in our personal lives but our finances as well.

An example in our lives would be when out kitty, Nina, suddenly had this illness that had her going to her little bin ever so often. Upon numerous visits to the vet and going through uncountable test to ascertain the disease, we finally found out what was the cause of the problems and the vet was able to make her all better again. However, through it all, with each test and each visit, it was a draw on the finances. Money meant for other purposes at the time was instead used up for the emergency situation. It was a few days more before payday but what else can we do. Nina’s treatment could not wait any longer. We were not regretful of the situation but rather it was a wake up call to start saving for rainy days.

This is when Thinkcash’s cash loans or personal loans comes into play. As much as I or anyone, for that matter, hates to be in debt, sometimes it is the only way out. However, instead of taking a long term loan, which can be a burden for you, a small short term loan could just be the answer to your answered prayer. The beautiful thing about this kind of cash is that it is meant as a short term solution. The amount is normally small, from as little as $250 to $2500. It is meant to help you in between payslips. It can be applied online and approval is in minutes with no paperwork and no hassle.

Thinkcash Loans, however, unlike most payday loan, can also be paid in several installment or a whole lump sum. The choice is totally up to you making it a very flexible loan to take up.

Another way such a loan can be useful is if you are a freelancer like me. Our income are very staggered. Sometimes it comes in burst and sometimes, well, it just doesn’t. With such a loan, I can make sure that all my bills are paid in time. I don’t worry about not being able to pay simply because I know I’m getting paid but perhaps not just in the nick of time to pay my bills. Let’s just call it money management shall we.. :)

Having said that, nothing beats saving for rainy days especially if you are a freelancer like me. We, Malays, have a saying that goes, “Get the umbrella ready before it rains” I guess I’ve got to start living it now.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A long time ago, DNA testing was something foreign to a lot of people. Crimes was left unsolved and criminals walk away free simply because there was no way to really proof that they did it. There was no technology to do it.

Nowadays it is the core of lots of criminal investigations and even for private purposes. Just the other day I heard about someone conducting a paternity test at a local hospital to find out if the person that claimed to be his son was really his. Of course this person is a well-affluent person in the society and has assets to spare on his demise.

Whatever it is, this technology has proved to be useful in this time and age with the rampant crime going on around us. If it can get one criminal off the street, then it has served it’s purpose.


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Friday, October 31, 2008

If you are football fan, then you simply must not miss the latest Web-tv Channel at recently launched by Carlsberg brewery. It basically revolves around everything football showing anything from classic football matches to stories of life as a football fan.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the website instead ok :)


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Friday, September 19, 2008

Personal Loans are great to have and for being a great and valued member, meaning we use their credit card and pay on time, our credit card company was “kind” enough to offer us their credit card loan offer. Basically it’s kinda of like Unsecured Personal Loan where they add the amount that we cashed out to our credit card amount and we pay it back at fixed rate interest. As much as it handy and useful and all, we don’t think we will be taking it up as we don’t really need it right now. Besides the amount is not that attractive anyway.

What we do need is a real personal loan, like in a big amount, so that we can pay all out credit cards, and then some, and just pay off one loan. If you are in the States and considering something similar why not head one over to AfsLoansOnline dot com. There is no application fees and they need no collateral.

Just a thought.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wowee.. check out this drug rehab as well as alcohol rehab facility in Sunset Malibu. What a perfect setting to recover properly from your addictions eh?

The facility offers not only a fully equipped gym but also healthy meals prepared by their own gourmet chefs to start you on that addiction free life.

Apart from the hikes and strolls that you can take at the beach or mountains of Malibu, California, they also have fantastic individualized treatment program to help you deal with your addiction issues.

Say goodbye to drugs and alcohol and hello to a better life without addiction.


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I was on the phone with a friend discussing on where to get the best car insurance quotes when there was a loud knock on the door. Just as I had expected, it was the postman bearing my prize for being August Top EC dropper over at Emila’s blog. Yeay.. but more of that on my next post.

As I was saying, my friend needed advise on where to get the best car insurance for her car. She had one very bad experience with the insurance company she’s been using. It seems that they were excellent when it comes to paying premium and reminding her of due dates but not so efficient in service when it comes to customer queries and claims.

Earlier this year, she had hit this guy from the back. The guy asked for her car insurance details and made a claim against the company. Two months ago, she got a form from the insurance company asking her to fill out details of the accident. When she asked how much the guy company was claiming for, she was told, they could not divulge that information. She went berserk. I mean, here she is signing her NCB away and she can’t know how much the guy is asking for? She did not feel good about that. After lots of letters going back and forth, she eventually got to know the figure from the workshop that repaired the car. Crazy.. if only they told her the amount straight off, there would not be any delay in the insurance claim.

Anyway, I surfed a bit after the phone call and came across this site that offers car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. Unfortunately this only applies if you are living in the states though. All you need to do is fill out a simple form, click enter and you are given quotes from a few insurance companies that matches your particulars. Easy as that. At the site, you’ll also find tips on which cars are the easiest to insure, which cars are a favorite among car thief and how to save on your next car insurance.

I wished there were sites like this in Malaysia. Sure would make life easier..


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Friday, July 25, 2008

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for challenges and freebies. And that is why I am taking this offer for a Free 7 Day Trial from Altnet to download as much songs as I handle. I want to see how many I can actually download within the 7 days!

Altnet is basically a site, fully legal and endorsed by all major record companies, that allows you to legally download as much music from their 1.5 million track catalogue now with CD quality sound for one low monthly fee! It has an “All you can eat” concept that basically means unlimited downloads for a flat monthly fee. Imagine that! Unlimited! Wow… download heaven I’d say.

And now here’s the challenge. Use their Free 7 Day Trial offer to download as much songs that you can handle before you need to puke or something. Up to it? Register today!


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I guess everyone wants to be unique in their own special way. Be it in the way you dress or what you have or just making something you own uniquely yours. I know I try to be with whatever I can. My blogs template for one and my belongings for another. Like with Miss Fly and Miss VB, the moment I got these two gadgets, I immediately uploaded a customized wallpaper and screen saver to make it me. At the moment I’m looking for the perfect ringtones so that I know it is my phone that is ringing. I don’t want anything too loud or songs with lyrics for that matter. I prefer something that’s just melodious and of course truetone ringtone so that the quality is superb. I used to love the one I have for my Siemens phone but I can’t seem to find the song in the format is supported by Miss VB.

So I am still looking out for a few special free ringtones coz between the renewal of domain name and the cost of my new template for my other blog, I’m eating up into my budget this month.

Lucky for me, I found this site that I hope will provide me with just the right ringtone for me. So excuse me while I disappear for a while :)


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Friday, June 27, 2008

All of us have been hit by the debt bug one way or another right? If you have not.. well all I can say is I admire your sense of discipline and self-control.

Me, like hundreds or even thousands of my peers, have been hit once or twice too. You know when you just gotten that brand new shiny gold credit card. You spent and splurge on wants and needs like it was your money and each time calculating how much would the minimum payment monthly. And upon calculating that, you decided, heck, I could afford that minimum sum easy, so you spend more and more till you eventually maxed out the credit card even without knowing it. Then at the end of the month, you nearly fainted when you see the bill but then again.. heck, it’s just a couple of hundred dollars anyway and you can still afford that and after all there is that big three months bonus at the end of year! Why not??

So there you were minding your own business, paying the minimum payment, promising yourself that you are not going to touch the card again when another brand new card comes your way. Wow.. this is good luck you say, the Gods are smiling down on you..and went on your shopping spree yet again.. And you know what, before you know it, you can no longer afford the minimum sum for either one card.

Now what am I or you to do?? The only thing to do for me would be to consider some form of debt consolidation programs or Debt Settlement Programs or even Credit Card Debt Consolidation Programs, which was what I did. At least now, I only have to pay one debt and a minimum sum that I can afford and hopefully that is an expensive lesson well learned. After that.. I need to cut those credit card in two..


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A friend of Azwaj, C, received a very strange call yesterday. The caller told C that someone told him that C was gay and wanted to see if C was interested in a relationship. As you can imagine C went berserk.

He then called Azwaj to find out if there was anyone that can trace the call and find out who is caller was. C told us that he already inquired with the operator and they can’t help. It seems the operator can give out numbers if we give them the names of the parties provided it’s not a confidential listing but they cannot do the reverse.

I then surfed the net and found out about Reverse Cell Phone Lookup and this site is exactly what C needed but since it is a local cell number, I guess all hope is gone of finding out who the caller was. Unfortunately in Malaysia we don’t have a No Call List either to block further calls from this person to C’s cell phone.

Well, C, I guess you better change your number to confidential listing buddy. That’s all me and Azwaj can say. Sorry dude sedih


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Do you want USD10.000? Do you think you have “THE” look? Do you dare take the challenge and join an online beauty contest for the young and beautiful? Then join me at Look of the Year at and stand the win the big bucks. Submit your best picture and let the other members vote. Who know, even if you don’t win, there’s an model agency out there who might just spot you and put you on that Milan runaway!!

Good Luck!!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

I am bitten. Bitten by Reality TV bug that is. I just love watching Reality Shows. It started with game shows like Survivor and The Apprentice. Now I’m hooked to among others, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare and Amazing Race. Ahh! The stress level while watching these shows will go up at an all time high, I tell you.

Azwaj refused to watch with me coz he said these shows only highlight people’s bad behaviour. While I totally agree, it won’t stop me from watching…lolzz! The only show he does watch is American Chopper because of all the super cool bikes they built.

If you are bitten too, just like me, you might want to head on RealityBug dot com. Here you can find what’s new, show updates, even casting call, in case you might want to participate yourself! There’s even a message board that you can post at to “discuss” your favorite show with others fan.

Join me there ya :)


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A few friends of mine both online and offline are going back to school nowadays. First it was GK, then Natrah and now another close friend is returning to her studies too although she’s doing it slightly differently. She’s doing it online! I really admire her for doing it because not only is she working, she is also a wife and a mother to two wonderful boys. Where do this people find the time??

I think it is totally a grand idea though. I mean if I can shop online and earn online, what is wrong with studying online right? I might even consider taking the various Online Management Courses available nowadays. No doubt I won’t need the certification per say coz I’m working with my hubby but it would be a nice achievement if not anything else.

So with those thoughts in mind, I let my fingers do the searching and I stumbled upon Kaplan Open Learning. The site has detailed information on all the courses the campus has to offer, entry requirements and how to apply for those courses. If that is still not enough, you an even request to download prospectus, do a virtual tour of the campus or request for a callback.

I must confess after reading “Why Study with Kaplan?”, I’m pretty intrigued. Imagine, flexibility in finishing the course you are taking. You can take from 2 years to 5 years to finish one course and as long as you have access to internet, you can study anywhere in the world! And get this, rather than exams, you have assignments! You’ll get free textbooks and you’ll be a graduate of University of Essex. Also the courses are economical as you can see from their “Fees and Financing” section.

Hmm… yes.. definitely intrigue razz


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