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Friday, April 08, 2011

in loving memoryToday marks one year since our beloved Mama has left us.

She suffered from lung cancer and surgery together with radiotherapy didn’t helped to totally eliminate the disease which had spread to her brain. She is sorely missed and I really can’t believe it’s been one year. Seems so surreal for sure.

I just hate this disease so much, but then again who doesn’t right? From lung to bone cancer, right up to Mesothelioma, this disease robs the life of these people you love till all that is left is just a frail body trying to survive. We thank God, Mama didn’t suffer too long..


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Thursday, October 07, 2010

As a lot of you know, this year me and A celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. It seems so surreal as it sure doesn’t feel like 10 years. The details of our wedding are still fresh in my mind like it just happened recently. In fact I still have my dowry still intact the way it was given to me 10years ago!

Since this year marks a milestone in our marriage, I’m thinking I would break our “no-gift” tradition by perhaps surprising Azwaj with some 10th wedding anniversary gifts . I don’t really know what would make an awesome 10th anniversary gifts but I know I would want something unique to mark the occasion.  So while looking for ideas, I found this great site that offers some suggestions. Here’s what I’m thinking:

flirty apron1. A nice heart paperweight that he could use to keep his papers in place.  Each time he sees it, he’s reminded of our love

2. A photo frame that has a first picture of us taken as husband and wife or

3. A flirty apron that I could wear (with nothing else) while cooking a special meal for him (lol)

Which do you think he would like? Suggestions?


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When I was in my secondary three, I was sent to the science stream. Our subjects included,  English, Malay, Geography, Religious Knowledge, Elementary and Additional Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Apart from English, there wasn’t really any subjects that I really loved but I do know that Chemistry and Physics were not my strongest subjects. I mean imagine memorizing the periodic table! Yikes!!!.. and Physics, well it was such a “Boyish” subject for me.. lol!

So, naturally I didn’t excel in either subject and I always desperately need help with Chemistry and Physics Problems and when my beloved tutor, my Physics problem solver helped me with the Physics Answers, it still didn’t make sense to me. The poor dear never gave up though and through sheer perseverance on her side and a lot of late nights, I managed to score a meager grade of C6, not good but at least I didn’t fail the paper ;)

I’m not sure if I could have excel with online tutor site like the one they have over at TutorVista but I know for sure that they would have been 24hour support for me if I ever needed one and that could make a lot of difference in a young girl’s mind. So if you have kids struggling with subjects, check them out and for an economical fee monthly, you can be assured that your kids have the best tutor there is available out there.

I leave you now with another periodic table… but this time it’s for fun eh.. no need to memorize.. ;)

Periodic Table of Vitamin

Periodic Table of Vitamin


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