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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boohooo.. my mommy is going back to Singapore tomorrow. I bought her coach ticket yesterday and her bags are packed. She even said goodbye to all the kitties already. I guess her visit is really over after 17 days here :(. Am gonna miss her cooking, her chatter but most of all her presence.

Oh well.. time to concentrate on mama now and her recovery. She’s is really getting stronger now. In fact, when we visited her yesterday, she was able to roll over to her side while on the bed. Good news indeed!


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

We had a busy day today. No, it wasn’t because we were planning a vacation or looking for cheap hotels in orlando or anything like that (though that would be nice) but we were busy stocking up the fridge so me and mom have something to cook this week..heheh. We then had to buy cat food and cat liter. This was followed by a a visit to Mama’s place. I didn’t visit her on Friday since she was discharged and so since she is at home today, we planned to spend a few hours with her.

We only arrived home at around 5pm and both Azwaj and Mommy was so tired that they took a cat nap. As for me, I decided to stay awake and cook, surprising them with a piping hot dinner when they woke up!

squid veggie
Veggie Dish and Spicy Squid

Super LJ!!! Lol!


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Friday, December 11, 2009

fireplaceA week has passed since my mom visit. I think she’s more comfortable here in my new apartment that has not made any plans to go home yet! She’s watching tv, listening to the radio and even cooking. She’s really making herself very comfortable here, which is super awesome! Plus, with free international calls from Singapore (provided by certain call plans), she’s still able to say hello to relatives in Singapore!

On the downside, the weather is definitely getting hotter that we even had to switch on the aircon last night. There goes my bragging to mommy about how cold it was living in the highland that we might even have to install a Amish fireplace.. lol!

Oh well..


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Shopping in Singapore was awesome during my last trip there last month as everything was on sale, as it usually is approaching Christmas. We were spoilt for choices on almost everything that we wanted to buy.

lcd tvOne of the most important item to buy was mommy’s new tv. The “knocking” didn’t work anymore and I guess even that 10year old television knew I was coming home so started to act up begging to be retired.

We went to Parkway Parade at Marine Parade, my favorite closeby shopping area, and started with Giant Hypermart. Seeing nothing there, we proceeding to Best Superstore. Mommy didn’t see anything she liked and so we headed on to Harvey Norman. There were a lot more selections on offer there with deep discounts of about SGD100 to SGD200 depending on model and size.

After looking around, we settled for Panasonic VIERA TH-L32X10K which was going at a nett price of SGD700. What’s awesome for me about this particular model is it’s ability to read SD-card… So you can snap away on your digital camera, place the SD card and you can start viewing the pictures you take in 32″ view!



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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Happy Birthday MOMMY!
Happy Bithday Emila!
Happy Birthday FIK!
Happy Birthday SERI


PS: for some reason this post came up totally empty this morning when Nessa and Bill came over.. lol.. I’ve corrected the error and now we have a post.. lol!!!

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

My sweet mommy called me last week all frantic. It seemed her favorite Indonesian tv serial, Wulan, has been taken off the air since the new year. It has been replaced without noticed by Tamil news. She and her sisters, who also followed the serial from their own living room, waited patiently after the news and still no Wulan. This went on for a week when mommy dearest couldn’t take it any longer and asked me to do some investigation.

Initially I did the “investigation” half-heartedly coz I thought it was a matter of days before they would show it again. However, when I called her two nights ago, she again repeated her request. I didn’t have the heart to let it go this time and so I did some digging. I searched RTM website and didn’t find any info. I even found the forum where fans of the series was distressed and voicing out their dissatisfaction over the change. But still I did not find any answers. So I googled it and was lucky enough to chance upon this website with the answer. I called her immediately and suffice to say she’s one happy woman today :)

So fans of WULAN.. listen up… they are going to air the show again starting:

13 January 2009
but on TV2 instead of TV1
at 6PM from Mondays to Thursdays!

Enjoy MOMMY!!! I love you!!


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today is a special day for… my mommy….my creative blog buddy, Emila.. and.. Fik.. our offline buddy! celebrate

I am in Singapore currently with my mommy so I’m sure it is a GREAT birthday for her..jelir

We are not doing anything special as we just arrived Singapore at around 5pm but I just came back from buying dinner downstairs… Chicken Rice Sambal, Fried Chicken Rice, Lontong and Fried Noodle..hehe.. so much for just two people eh??

I wish Emila and Fik a fantastic birthday and may all your wishes come true this year. Sorry it is a bit late in the day but it’s still 21st October right..kenyit

Am bringing mom to the National Eye Center tomorrow. Wish us luck!


PS: Thank you whoever you are for the connection. *winky*

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I spoke to my mommy today and boy was she happy. It seemed that she spent the entire day yesterday in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, SHOPPING! She went with my cousin and her family to Giant, Angsana and Carrefour. They also break fast there and continued with more shopping. All this between 10am to slightly more than 9pm!

She got a traditional malay dress (baju kurung), a pair of shoes (although she already got a pair when I was back during my last trip) and a lovely head-dress (tudung) all for about SGD100. Awesome deal!! But importantly she had fun and when my mommy has fun.. I’m an ecstatic daughter sengihnampakgigi


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can someone have a negative effect on electronic goods? I know it’s sounds kind of funny but I think my mommy is, though only to telephones . gelakguling

My mommy is onto her 5th home phone right now ! Somehow or rather, the phone would work well when I’m around but the moment I leave, it would give her lots of problems. There’s that phone that answers by itself – no it’s not on auto-answer. There’s that phone that crackles like mad and there’s that phone that has the lights that won’t stop blinking and won’t ring!

The creme of it all was her mobile phone. You might remember that when I bought Miss VB, my mom got a new phone for herself too. The reason was because, her then current phone always has problems getting network signals . I totally understood her frustration as I actually see it happening in front of my own eyes. It would take forever to “connecting” and I guess I would get pissed off too if it happens to me all the time. So after she got her new phone, she told me that I could have her “old” – only 6mths old – mobile phone. Luckily it was one of those unlocked cell phones so I thought “OK’ as I could try it out and replace my own SG phone.

Guess what folks. The cell phone works miraculously well with me. I only switch on my SG phone for online banking transaction purposes while in KL but each time I do switch it on, it “connects” instantly to autoroam! In fact I had not needed to charge it even once since I got it, which is like 3months ago.

And now, mommy is experiencing the same problem with the home phone. She just called to say that it’s not working! Oh poor dear… good thing I’m coming home soon eh. kenyit


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Friday, July 25, 2008

I called my mom today and boy was she angry. It seemed that she was at the bank earlier today to deposit some money. Now, she made sure she counted the money just to confirm the amount a few times, placed it in an envelope and proceeded to the bank.

When she was at the counter, she handed the money over to the teller, thought nothing of it and started looking at the next counter. Then, the teller told her, “Auntie, your money is $50 short from what you wrote here on the bank in slip”. My mom was surprised. She was confident that there was no shortage but not knowing what to say or do and perhaps thinking that she did make a mistake, took another $50 note and handed it to the teller. Done deal right?

Nooo!!…. she was downstairs (the counters was on the 2nd floor) and this lady approached her saying she overhead my mom’s predicament upstairs and she told my mom that her sister had the same problem, at the same branch, a few months ago! However, her sister argued and the bank’s manager came on board.. They proceeded to “search” for the money and lo and behold.. they found in the drawer a $50 note just lying around. When the teller was questioned who the money belonged to.. her answer was “I don’t know”.. Duh!!!

Anyway.. moral of the story… always count the money yourself first at the counter again before handing it to the close attention to her as she performed your transaction and check you passbook before leaving..

Poor mommy.. I feel for you!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My sleeping hours are so haphazard nowadays that even my mom is complaining..gelakguling.. coz firstly she don’t want to call me if I’m still sleeping and secondly if she needs to call, what time would be best? My answer? I told her to call anyway. Not many people know my home number so if it should ring, I know it is someone in the family sengihnampakgigi

Problem solved celebrate

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