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Friday, July 24, 2009

Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, our new apartment is looking more and more like a home. No more tripping over boxes and no more searching high and low for stuff that I know I have but yet to find.. lol!

Next on the to do list is for A to fixed up our “Hexagon” unit. We have had this water filtering system for over five years now and we love it. It is water infused with oxygen and the water cluster is really small so your body absorb it more easily. Anyway, we went to Cosway today to get the replacement cartridges and was pleasantly surprised that we qualify for some discount. Instead of paying RM360, we only had to pay RM300.. Sweet!!

However, upon reaching home, A found that the water hose that he needed to hook up the unit to the water pipes was a tad too small and so now we got to go and get some slightly bigger ones. Oh well, I guess it’s bottled water for now..


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Home, new routine, new workspace. That usually means needing to take an extra few minutes getting used to new location of stuff. Just today, for instance, I was cooking lunch and I took a whole ten minutes looking for my pasta drainer! Even my stove feels different to cook on! LOL!

You know it is so quiet here that each clink and clank sound I make in the kitchen seems to echo through my corridor.. The silence is deafening, that’s for sure! Oh well..I guess it just need some getting use too..

The good news? No monkeys in sight on the ledge of my front corridor though there was the smell of food. Phew!

Happy weekend to all!


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Meow Diaries
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes.. that pretty much summed up my sentiment for last week.

Gosh! So much activity that I don’t even know where to start. All I do know is that I need a brand new shoe because I worn out the one I have now with all that walking.. perhaps something from Ugg?!

And guess what? I just got my internet connection today. The men installed the phone line last week on Thursday. Needless to say, I was ecstatic but then when the streamyx people called on Friday to re-activate the internet line, they couldn’t detect the phone line and it being Friday and all, they could not do anything till Monday!

Anyway, A was too busy to connect all the wires yesterday and only did it today at midnight.. and so here I am.

I’m sorry for the lack of Music Monday code this week but I’m sure all went well for everyone right? I am still clearing email in between unpacking.. so you might not hear from me too much this week..

Thank you to all who dropped me during my absence. You know who you are and know that LJ missed you too!! Talk soon!


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Friday, July 03, 2009

We got home at 11pm tonight after sending some stuff to the new place and cleaning Azwaj’s office. We had an early dinner at 6pm, bought Yong Tau Fu for late dinner and on the way home got some Durian for dessert. Hmm.. sure sounds like a lot of eating to be done eh? LOL!! I guess it’s ok because I’m sure using lots of energy with all this lugging around of boxes and cleaning up at two locations! So I guess I wont’ be needing any of the the best diet pills yet.. unless of course I continue with this eating habit..tsk tsk tsk!

Oh I’ve lost my internet connection today but am online right now courtesy of MNG!! haha..


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The time has come to move our telephone and internet connection to our new home. So we were at the TM Point earlier today to do it. According to them, termination would take effect today and reactivation would be between seven to nine working days.. So.. I reckon, it would be late next week (if I’m lucky) or sometime mid July before I would get hooked up again to the internet.

So I am running on borrowed time here and could get disconnected any time.. the Adrenalin is really pumping.. lo!!

Oh well.. good time to catch up on the old movies and tv series. How I wish we have a great home theater system so it would be more enjoyable but then.. that’s life!


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

…. because I have a forest for my front door! See the map below? See the forest that is just next to our new apartment?

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE our new apartment. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it has a resort feel and fresh air BUT it also has monkeys! Vicious monkey in my opinion. Though according to A, they are more scared of me as I am of them. I beg to differ. I am horrified and terrified of them.

Just yesterday, we went out for early dinner and when we returned to the new apartment, it was around 6.30pm. That apparently was their feeding time too. As we approached our front door, we saw this HUGE monkey on the ledge of our corridor!! Horrors upon horrors he panicked when he saw us and did not know what to do.. he started to move towards us.. trying to find an escape route but when I screamed he panicked! He ran off to where he came from and started climbing up the water pipes and up to the next floor..

He, then joined his friends who was on the ledge of the same floor as us but on the other side and started taunting us! A was naturally mad while I was mad too.. with FEAR!!! I could have sworn I would have fainted if they came towards us..

I hurriedly opened the front door and gave a stick to A to chase them away.. He did but they did not seemed to waiver. A said it was probably because they smelled the fear coming from me and that was also the reason why they started to taunt us.. Argh.. I need me some pepper spray!!

See.. they are everywhere.. though during certain times only


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

We checked out the swimming pool at our new place today and it was awesome. After NOT seeing the pool in operations for so long at our existing place, it was great to actually just sat at the pool and dipped our leg in the cool water!

However, what is not so good is that, to get to the swimming pool from our block, we had to walk up and down this long flights of stairs ( I did say our condo unit is on the hills right?).. I was practically panting away when we reached our block! Good thing no monkeys were around too.. otherwise I don’t think I have the energy to run away from it!

And speaking of monkeys.. I really got to check if our insurance covers monkey bites or anything to that effect. Perhaps we need a new insurance quote?


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Friday, June 12, 2009

Last week on Friday, we subscribed to P1 Wimax. I, for one was fed up with the slow internet connection of Streamyx so when I was getting rave reviews about how speedy Wimax was, I convinced A to give it a try. Since potentially both of us will use the connection, we decided to apply under A’s company name and take up the unlimited access plan.

Registration was a breeze. No mess, no fuss. Quick and easy and within 15minutes and poorer by RM100, we were the proud owners of the P1 latest modem that comes with the voice plugin. We had a week to evaluate the service (used to be two weeks).

We were told the service would be activated in 2hours time. So at around 8pm, A hooked up my laptop to the service and did a bandwidth test. It came up to only about 800kbs… not very impressive. The next day, we brought it to our new apartment and give it a try there. The speed there was considerably faster and I was happy that at least I had internet access while waiting for floors to dry :)

However, once we were back at home, once again the speed was very bad. In fact, so bad that there was no connection at all for a few hours. I had to revert back to good old Streamyx. After a few times of intermittently losing connection, I gave up, packed the modem and told A that we definitely not subscribing. At RM139 monthly, I expect my connection to fly but that was not the case, at least not in Ampang anyway.

We returned the modem yesterday at their headquarters. We are hoping at the new place, we can register for the 2mb plan available from Streamyx (have to check if it’s available in the first place). Worst case scenario, we will re-evaluate Wimax again. But for now.. it’s back to Streamyx. (not sure whether to smile or frown here.. lol)


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Thursday, June 11, 2009


That’s right.. not only am I am eating way TOO much, I am also sleeping way TOO much too. I guess being physically tired really wears the body out. When I was just doing my online work, there was very little physical exertion on my body but with the impending move, all the heavy lifting, the scrubbing and the cleaning, I’m worn out by 10pm! All I want to do is just drag my tired soul to bed each night we got home.

That’s why we decided today was going to be a non-move activity day so although I’m still tired, I am not THAT sleepy.

On the topic of sleeping too much.. I read about this product called Stemulite. According to studies made, this product while not only good for weight loss and body fitness, it’s side effect is that it makes you sleep soundly! Out of all volunteers who took the product, almost all reported they were sleeping more soundly than before! One of them had actually stopped taking sleeping pills!

So if you guys are out to lose weight and sleep soundly at night, check out the product ok :)


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love our new apartment, I really do but what I don’t love are the lizards and ants that come with it. Thank God for bathroom safety that Abah had made sure exist in the bathroom otherwise for sure I would slip and fall when I saw the size of the lizard looking at me while I peed! I guess that could easily be settled with the pest control.

However, one other thing that really bugged me are the monkeys. The apartment that I’m moving to is very surrounded by woods and with woods or forest or whatever you called them, comes monkeys. They come out during the evenings looking for food. A said they are most probably afraid of me more than me of them but I beg to differ as they always have this vicious look about them. I’ll for sure be carrying an umbrella each time I leave the house in case I need to scare them away!


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Thursday, June 04, 2009

What a long day today was.

After burying Anja at my inlaws (thank you Abah for already digging the plot for her), we proceeded to the new apartment to start cleaning the place. The apartment used to be my father-in-law’s guest house and since he no longer has need for it, he has graciously let us stay there. So we needed to get some of the furniture out to make way for our own furniture.

Keeping busy really helped me to soothe my pain of losing Anja. When we lost Mufasa, I was so saddened by it that I could not work at all and cried each time someone mentioned his name. I can’t even research on natural acne treatment for a friend of mine. However, this time, with Anja, I vowed I would be stronger and moving home now is the best distraction and I think it’s working. I’m crying less and I’m getting things done :)


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did you know that Copper is naturally antibacterial? This means that it makes it the ideal material for the kitchen sink!

Wowee.. I must admit I DID NOT know that. I always thought stainless steel was the way to go. Perhaps now I should persuade A to get me one of these nice copper sinks for the new home. I’m kinda liking the color as well. So rustic.. I loves!!


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life been pretty hectic lately with….

1. Our move
2. Mufasa’s illness and then his passing
3. Mother-in-law being hospitalized (still warded but should be out real soon)
4. Anja illness (now being hospitalized at the UPM Pet Clinic) with not so good news about her kidney)

All these events should really be good appetite suppressant you would think right? But “NO”… I’m eating more.. I think it’s all the stress!!


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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our apartment looks like a warehouse right now! Boxes everywhere and I can’t find anything anymore. LOL! The spare bedroom is all packed up. The home office is partially done. Books are stacked and Azwaj’s PC stuff are all arranged neatly ready to be packed as well. He even found a few KVM switches that he thought he had lost along the way. .. but no.. I have not found my box of perfume yet.. boo hoo!


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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

After March Madness. comes April Frenzy!…or at least for us that is..

IT IS CONFIRMED WE ARE MOVING by 15th May! Lots to do and even more to pack and I’m already looking for quotation from moving companies so that I can get the best price and lock them in! Next would be the co0rdinating of what furniture goes to the new apartment and what goes into storage!

Woohoott we are indeed moving! Anyone wants to help me pack? LOL!


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Saturday, January 03, 2009

We were on our way down yesterday and bumped into the lift repairman. So.. we took the opportunity to asked him about the status of the lift repairs. He told us that the previous maintenance company had done a “sabotage” work on one of the lifts so they might need a slightly longer time to repair that one but all in all, it would be another month or two before both lifts would be operational again.

This is the only reason now why we postponing our move. There’s only one lift and that would take the movers three times longer to move our stuff as oppose to if both lifts were operational. We’ve seen this before when other tenants move out and we definitely do not want that to happened to us. As it is our tv stand is so huge that that alone would take up the whole lift!

So moving is imminent people.. Yeay!!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We were over at a client’s home yesterday and boy, was I surprised when the client told us he has fourteen kids! You heard me right. FOURTEEN! The eldest is eighteen and the youngest is 16months. I didn’t dare to ask how old his wife is but from the look of it she must be only in her mid thirties. Wow! That is all I can say sembah

However, you know what, the house does not look like it had fourteen kids running around. It was spic and span. No toys strewn around, no messy laundry. Basically no mess. The wife and me got to talking from the living arrangement – it was a three bedroom apartment – to housechores and from sharing of appliances to Grohe faucets! Talk about yakking eh!

All in all, a nice visit to a client’s place sengihnampakgigi


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Friday, August 22, 2008

We were on our way back home yesterday and passed by this New Home Construction area that was completed recently. We stopped by a while to check out the show house and it was, for lack of better word, simple awesome! It was a two and half storey terrace house and it’s location is just perfect. It’s in Kosas Ampang and it’s close by to our office at Bukit Indah, also in Ampang.

The thought of Buying a Home has crossed out mind before but with the economic downturn and other commitments, it was just not our top most priority. Besides, worst case scenario, we can always move in with in-laws. gelakguling

Anyway, we still have not decided on the kind of house we wanted. Azwaj has always preferred the “house” concept with a front porch and a backyard while I, on the other hand, don’t mind apartment living. After all, it’s just the two of us and with a smaller unit, house chores would not be that daunting. Our previous rentals were two storey houses and it was quite a tedious chores to vacuum and mop daily!

Besides, if were were to look for apartments that cost less than RM100,000, Azwaj would qualify for the First Time Home Buyers 100% loan from one of the banks here, which would be awesome!

Oh well.. time would tell I suppose..


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I was just going through some of my moving checklist today. Wow.. sure lots of things to do when the move come.. oh well.. we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it….

Looking at these pictures, you might think that we were moving a houseful of people when in actual fact, it was just the two of us. gelakguling

On our first move, we used a friend’s lorry and got some friends to help us with the lugging around. They had to make five trips to finish off transporting the bulky stuff and we still needed to go back three more trips by car to eventually finish off everything. It was just too much hassle.

So for our move two years later, we decided to look at using Moving Companies as an option. We called a few including some International movers and eventually settled with a Moving company that was not only reputable but also provided us with a great price that included moving staff as well. We ordered the 3 tonne truck but never imagined to have this one appear at our doorstep that morning!

We thought, for sure the movers were crazy but they told us they only had this particular container truck available that morning but that they were still charging us the price that they quoted. Oh well, we figured they would never fill up this baby! Boy, were we wrong. It filled up all right.. to the door !gelakguling

I guess it’s going to be another container truck for this move. Arghhh.. not something I’m looking forward to sedih but yet again .. perhaps I am siul


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