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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paypal wrote to me yesterday regarding the issue I brought up on paypal fees charged to incoming funds. Basically what happened was, I received a few payments from my clients for makeover jobs and I was charged for those transaction meaning instead of the full amount, I received 3.4%+USD0.30 less.

The reason why I was making a fuss about it was because I did not receive any notification of the change and the fees were not consistent.. I was charged for some but not for others.. though thankful for that.. I would like to know what was the criteria for the fees.

I’ve used paypal for some time now and I know they NEVER charge me or my clients any fee for payment they sent me via their paypal balance. So this came as a rude shock. This was Paypal’s email to me yesterday.. although it seems clear but like I say.. I’m puzzled as to why some transactions are being charged and why some transaction remained full amount.

So I tested something today. I went into my husband’s account and sent myself money.. and what did I find? Another “option” that was totally NOT there before:

I tried sending money as a gift and the next page that came up was…

See the “I will pay the fee” bit.. This never showed up before!

….and then I tried sending money as “Purchase for services” which would probably be what my clients would have chosen and the option did not show up! I got this screen instead.

…so now I know why I was being charged!!!

In conclusion.. All Transaction are being charged now.. it’s just a matter of who bears the charge.

I love using paypal because it has allowed me to received payments easily from all over the world. I just wish they were clearer in their rules and when they change them.

Still frustrated..

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