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Thursday, June 17, 2010

People get all sort of diseases nowadays. Some diseases are as common as the flu, some are unheard off and some are just pure mystery. Some diseases are contributed by our lifestyle, the way we live our lives. Some are work related that if you are contract it you can actually hire say a Mesothelioma lawyer to help you get the right compensation from your employer.

On my recent trip to Singapore, I just discovered two such diseases. One of them is really weird in that this person got to go to the hospital every other week to get rid of her blood. You heard me, get rid of her blood.

Why? Because it seems she has a a blood disease that causes overactive production of blood but since the blood is too thick, which potentially can cause blood clot and stroke, she can’t donate it. So every other week she visits the hospital, go through the motion of a blood donor but her blood gets thrown out. After further research, I found out this disease is called Polycythemia Vera. People suffering from this disease are supposed to avoid anything that helps with the production of blood and stay away from food with high iron content.

Do you know of anyone suffering from this disease?


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