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Thursday, December 06, 2012


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Yes Royal Fans. Kate Middle, The Dutches of Cambridge, is pregnant! Apparently the royal couple, Kate and William, wanted to keep it a secret till at least Christmas but Kate’s illness (severe morning sickness), had prompted them to reveal it early.

As expected everyone wants to know the details of the pregnancy and the condition of the preggers Dutchess so much so that the hospital that was treating her fell prey to the a radio hoax asking about her condition.

Whatever it, we wish all goes well for the couple and we’ll get to see the royal baby soon!


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate was probably the most watched event recently. People are still talking about what the guests were wearing, the kiss and most of all the wedding dresses. I said dresses because Kate had two made, one for the church wedding and the other for her reception. Both dresses were exceptional and copies of of those dresses are now available for the masses, and at reasonable prices too I think.



Check out the video below for more details on how you can too can have a Kate Middleton wedding dress of your own :)


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