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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

singapore budget 2011I received a tweet from my cousin telling me that the Singapore 2011 Budget is out and that as part of the Grow & Share’ Package, Singaporeans are getting a share from the fruits of last year’s exceptional economic growth and yes, that means I get money! lol!

Here are some of the areas where we, as Singaporean individuals, will enjoy the benefit:

  1. Workfare Special Bonus ($224 million in FY2011, $226 million over 2 years thereafter)
  2. Personal Income Tax Rebate
  3. Child Development Credit
  4. Top up to CPF Medisave Accounts for Seniors (which means mommy will get extra money in her medisave account)
  5. Growth Dividends (I will get SGD800 big ones.. yihaa!!)
  6. Utilities-Save and Service and Conservancy Charges Rebates (a savings of SGD360 in household water and electric bill for me)

PS: The amount differ for individuals as it depends on the kind of HDB housing we live in ~ the bigger your apartment is, the lesser you get.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Singaporean.. heheh


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