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Sunday, October 10, 2010

online_datingI am currently watching back episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful reaching up to January 2010 and let me just tell you, the plot thickens all the time with this show. Yeah yeah, I know, some of you are about to puke right now but hey I like it and call it one of my vice.. lol! Anyway since some of you (yeah GP that you) are not up to speed with the show, I will not put up any spoilers here .

However, I do want to say that it is sad that some of the characters in the show, a beautiful woman and a semi good looking guy were not able to realize that they could potentially make a great couple.  Good thing for them, they both enrolled in a few top dating sites just like Match and their profile were matched online.  So imagine their surprise when they met and realized that they have things in common. Suffice to say, they ended up married!

Now I’m not saying that all you single and looking people out there immediately sign up for an online dating service but I am saying to have your mind and options open. If you are leaning towards this kind of service, read up on the reviews of the dating site in questions for example, Match dating site review is awesome. The site offers a whole host of services that other dating sites don’t offer.

Ok, it’s back to boldie for me. Have a great Sunday all!


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