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Thursday, March 25, 2010

We can’t help but take medication in our lives. We’re in pain, we pop two painkiller tablets and life goes on. We have problem skin that caused us heart pain and we take the most effective acne product in the market.

Like I say, such is life. However, not all this medication are good for us. Some are too good that no one actually the side effects till it’s too late. Take accutane side effects for instance. Accutane is known to remove the most difficult cases of acne by stopping all oil production leaving nothing for the body to work on. This, in the long run, cause dryness, joint pain, drying of the lips, nose, mouth and skin. In extreme cases, it can cause birth defects or even fetal death.

So, what I’m saying is although medicine has its pros, it also has its cons, so evaluate how much you actually need it in your life before it cause you more harm than good.


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