Wednesday, January 02, 2008

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Opps..I forgot to update you guys on my Paypal transfer to Al-Rajhi bank. As you know I opened an account with the bank on boxing day but was unable to withdraw immediately into the bank account. This was because I needed to get my Expanded Use number from my credit card statement to verify my paypal account. I actually blogged about it at my MMO blog. Anyway, after getting that number and getting the paypal account verified, I did a transfer of USD105 (USD5 being paypal transaction fee) on Friday, 28 December.

Was I surprised when I checked on Monday, 31st December and the money already went through. More details and a screen capture of it here. It took only three days inclusive of the weekend! Super cool. I got RM327.24 for USD100 which is not really a good rate but I guess it’s still ok coz now I can spend the money here in Malaysia. By the way, it normally take five to seven days for the money to be transfered to a bank account in Singapore.

What a fantastic start to the New Year!


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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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