Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No top diet pill can save me. With all the delicious dishes my mommy was serving me last week while I was in SG, I’m a lost cause gile. I mean who could resist all the dishes below.

I love my fish so everytime I go back I will be served with Emak’s “Delicious Ikan Pecal”. This is a traditional Javanese dish. Very simply put, it’s deep-fried fish (either Stingray or this fish that both me and Emak just call Ikan Sharifah coz someone told us that’s what it’s called though we are not really convinced) with a special sauce that had coconut juice and chilli as the base. OMG! I’m salivating even as I speak!!

Then of course, mommy would prepare her Mutton Beryani, Sinfully Rich Chicken in spicy coconut gravy and another favorite of mine, Chilli Stuffed Fish.

We also had some meals outside as mommy wanted to eat something other than her cooking so we went to KFC for her fav cheesy fries and coleslaw. We also had Chicken Steak, Mushroom Beef Steak and of course Pizza!

Yeap Peeps! I’m almost scared to get on that weighing machine…gelakguling


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If in early January I got Miss Fly, this June I’ve added the Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot K850i mobile phone to my gadgets collection.

Meet Miss Velvet Blue.

and meet her new house, can you see the cats?

I bought Miss VB while I was back in Singapore last week just window shopping but then the price hit the price I was budgeting for and so, as they say, the rest is history. I upgraded the memory to 1GB, got the casing and the screen protector all for SGD560 at City Plaza in Haig Road.

The house for Miss VB was really something I wanted to get but I only got this over in Bedok on my last day there. I really did not know what I was looking for until I saw the cat logo smiling down at me from the display stand. It was only SGD5.90! Me.. very happy sengihnampakgigi!

By the way, Haig Road, which is near Geylang is where you can find not only cheap hotels but good ones as well. Really value for money for tourist on a budget senyumkenyit.


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Monday, June 02, 2008

I’m back all!!! Did you guys miss me?? I sure appreciate all you guys that visited me during my absence, making LJL such a warm and cosy place to return too..I love you guys..

I’m sorry for the delay in getting this award out this month as you know I’ve been away. So without wasting another minute, I would like to announce my favorite award to give away monthly, this month TOP COMMENTER at LadyJava’s Lounge is……MARIUCA!tepuktangan

GP! As I fondly call her, has been awarded the LJL’s TOP COMMENTER badge for three months in a row now. She has kept me company through many nights as I blogged and refreshing the PPP page waiting for opportunities and as we drop our Red Hot Drops EC cards..lolzz…It was a close fight with my second top commenter, Zubli, who I only got to know in May and keeps me on my toes with his streams of “pantuns” or poetries. Of course, there is Farah, my third top commenter, whose comments always make me laugh or smile with her witty remarking …

As for the rest of my top 10, Emila, Trinity, Roxy, Jackie, Shemah, Juliana and Shirley, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of this humble abode :)

Oh before I end this post, I would like to thank Trinity for my wonderful postage stamp that she did for me as part of her CHUP contest. I love it dearie!!

Trinity wrote:

I choose PERSISTENT to describe one of LJ’s virtue. In Indonesian’s world, persistent is tangguh…. I think she is doing well in her blogs, persistent to learn and apply many newest widgets and features, generous and kind to share her knowledge to her friends as well. She has perseverance to get cured from her fibroid, consistency in maintaining her 5 (or 6?) blogs and makes money from them, she is also a faithful friend, in other words she is diligent, smart, patient, and.. persistent!


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