Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sang to the tune of The Carpenter’s – “Top of the World”

Such a feeling’s coming over me
I’m beginning to feel very very angry
I want to scream, I want to shout
But no one wants to hear me out
And I wish that this was only a dream

Everything i want to do today
Get postponed again coz I can’t see my page
Can’t comment, cannot blog
Huge white screen is all i got
How I wish this was only a dream

I’m at the bottom of world
looking.. up on the address bar
Wishing.. that the pages would load very very soon
Not a sign of the sidebar
No EC can be dropped so far
Oh..I’m so gonna lose my standing lah like this…

Sing along with me…

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Now that my internet connection is much better and behaving itself nicely, I am more settled and less agitated and thus can continue to be the nice blogger that I am. I have since managed to moderate my comments, reply to them and am now happily commenting away at other blogger’s entries. Ahhh this should be the way everyday! Oh I hope I’m not jinxing it by praising it too much though.. lolz!!

Anyway, while surfing today, I found some really nice Kids Bedroom furniture that I absolutely fell in love with. I did not have the luxury of having my own bedroom when I was growing up but I would have loved to have a bed just like the one in the picture. A girl can really be made to feel like a princess waking up in this bed. I can just imagine my ladies-in-waiting carrying out all my whimsical desires and orders. And of course, don’t forget the breakfast in bed bit! Lolz!

This site also carries a variety of Kids Desk and Wooden Childrens Furniture that are really affordable, durable and practical. The selections are endless and you’d be spoilt for choice, I’m sure, if you are indeed looking for children’s furniture.

Check this out.. how cute is this?


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Through no fault of mine or even Miss Fly’s, I have not been able to comment on anyone blogs or reply to comments made on my own blogs. This is because I would get this “WHITE” blank page that seems to have a life of it’s own everytime I hit the comment link. I am almost afraid to watch it for long for fear of some monster coming out and scaring me in the process.

Sigh! See how ridiculous I’m sounding right now? The big ol’ internet has got me and making me crazy from going cold turkey without proper connection and I’m going bald soon I swear :(

Anyway, perhaps now is a great time to go out and see the world out there. Perhaps I’ve been sitting on this chair too long and this is it’s way of telling me to get off my bum and do some exercise or something. I need to go out and get some customized baby gifts soon for a friend anyway. There’s this place that I found that can do personalized new baby gifts and they are not bad at all.

I guess this internet connection flaw is a good thing, otherwise I would have just goggled the words personalized gifts for baby and never get out from this room!

See ya…

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