Saturday, March 07, 2009

You know no matter how hot the night is, or morning in my case, I always need a blanket when I sleep. Some people say that it’s because I don’t feel secure or perhaps I’m scared of the dark or something. Well, let me tell you this. I feel very secure and I’m not afraid of the dark and I don’t have time to ponder about all that because the moment my head hits my pillow I’m gone into sleeping beauty world. No need for heated mattress pads, no need for those eye blinders. I just go to sleep! I love being me!


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Friday, March 06, 2009

I was reading this article online the other day about how drinking tea could possibly prevent you from getting Parkinson disease. I’ve always loved tea and I guess this reason is an excuse to return to old habits. I was never always a coffee addict you know. In fact I never really liked the bitter taste until they start adding mocha, and whipped cream and what not into their coffee.. heheh..

Anyway, after reading the article, I am more determined than ever to cut down on my coffee intake. So, put on your lovely gowns and get your partner to dress in tuxedos and pretend you’re attending a lovely English tea party hosted by yours truly, with scones and sweets and pastries and drink that tea!


PS: My love to GP and Jackie who is experiencing some emotional time right now. Stay true and strong ya! I love you guys..

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Edit: As much as LOVE having JSKit over my Today blog.. albeit a short time. I have to remove it.. this is because the coding itself is not compatible with Today blogs. The “div” code somehow gets converted by the system and because of that it won’t work the way it suppose to work. So it’s back to the old way of commenting.. boo hoo.. for the time being…heheh!

I have to say I am JS-Kit biggest fan and after promoting to a few blogger friends and since they made the move, our comments boxes have never been livelier. I think what makes it so fun to comment now is the fact that we are able to comment via email and that already cuts down on speed connection factor.

So now that ALL my blogs have JS-Kit, I was thinking how I could get it onto my Today blogs as well especially for my brand new shining blog on The Bold and The Beautiful. I mean I want it to be lively, to be interactive and the commenting system that Today has is really not to my liking.

For now JSKit offers comment integration for two types of platform, Blogger and WordPress. Integration meaning that whatever comments you leave on the JS-Kit system is going to be sync back to the respective blogs… meaning if ever you decide to leave JS-Kit, your comments remain intact!

Now the problem is with Today blogs, that is on WP, we are not allowed to install any plugin so the integration of comments is definitely out but when I turned to Alexander, the ever willing helpful engineer from JS-Kit, and he told me that it is still possible to have JS-Kit by putting a code at the end of each post and amending the code accordingly. I was excited! I didn’t mind the integration bit coz I’m not keeping scores of my top commenter or anything over at Boldie Digest. So now I have JS-Kit at that blog. Awesome!

If you are interested as well, here’s the rundown to getting it on your own Today blogs. Bear in mind though, as far as Today is concern, there is no comments on those post.

  1. After typing out our blog entry as usual, go down to the very bottom of your entry page
  2. Click on “Code”
  3. Enter the code below
  4. Make sure you change the “some/unique/value” to something unique for each post for instance for mine.. article 1: article 1:

so i can use 2009/03/04/3rd-march-everyone-has-a-motive/ to replace that “some/unique/value” in the code.

Try it and let me know if you have probs ok :)


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