Friday, April 03, 2009

The best kind of gift is always the unexpected one and this one sure came as one!

We went out late for dinner tonight and as usual I would always be the one checking our mailbox when we return.

This time there was a huge package in the mailbox. To my surprise it was from PosExpress and the sender was….. Debbie!!!

I told Azwaj.. ahh this must be my charm bracelet that I won for being March First Commenter but what a surprise it was, because it was actually a gift for my birthday and anniversary last month!

Thanks so much Debbie! I love my beaded coin purse and the colour RED is my favourite dearie.. Wowee!!! I LOVE IT!! peluk


First Commenter Gets Linky Love from LadyJava.
Thanks for all your comments


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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Firstly I would like to apologize for being late with the result of this blog makeover. As you guys know March with all it’s fantastic tidings.. also comes with it’s own Madness!!..

It was a very difficult decision as all of you had great entries. I love each one!! So thank you so much to all the participants :)

1. ANE
2. Lola’s Diner
3. Thoughts and Obsessions
5. Shimmer Me Blue
6. Genebei
7. Shinade
8. Sarah
9. Trinity
10. Monica

…. but alas there can only be one winner and so to make it fair and square, I’ve decided to use and the above was the order in which they entered.. and so the winning number is….

CONGRATS MONICA!!!! Contact me once you are ready for a facelift ok!

Once again thank you to all the participants!!!


First Commenter Gets Linky Love from LadyJava.
Thanks for all your comments

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

After March Madness. comes April Frenzy!…or at least for us that is..

IT IS CONFIRMED WE ARE MOVING by 15th May! Lots to do and even more to pack and I’m already looking for quotation from moving companies so that I can get the best price and lock them in! Next would be the co0rdinating of what furniture goes to the new apartment and what goes into storage!

Woohoott we are indeed moving! Anyone wants to help me pack? LOL!


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