Friday, June 12, 2009

Last week on Friday, we subscribed to P1 Wimax. I, for one was fed up with the slow internet connection of Streamyx so when I was getting rave reviews about how speedy Wimax was, I convinced A to give it a try. Since potentially both of us will use the connection, we decided to apply under A’s company name and take up the unlimited access plan.

Registration was a breeze. No mess, no fuss. Quick and easy and within 15minutes and poorer by RM100, we were the proud owners of the P1 latest modem that comes with the voice plugin. We had a week to evaluate the service (used to be two weeks).

We were told the service would be activated in 2hours time. So at around 8pm, A hooked up my laptop to the service and did a bandwidth test. It came up to only about 800kbs… not very impressive. The next day, we brought it to our new apartment and give it a try there. The speed there was considerably faster and I was happy that at least I had internet access while waiting for floors to dry :)

However, once we were back at home, once again the speed was very bad. In fact, so bad that there was no connection at all for a few hours. I had to revert back to good old Streamyx. After a few times of intermittently losing connection, I gave up, packed the modem and told A that we definitely not subscribing. At RM139 monthly, I expect my connection to fly but that was not the case, at least not in Ampang anyway.

We returned the modem yesterday at their headquarters. We are hoping at the new place, we can register for the 2mb plan available from Streamyx (have to check if it’s available in the first place). Worst case scenario, we will re-evaluate Wimax again. But for now.. it’s back to Streamyx. (not sure whether to smile or frown here.. lol)


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Thursday, June 11, 2009


That’s right.. not only am I am eating way TOO much, I am also sleeping way TOO much too. I guess being physically tired really wears the body out. When I was just doing my online work, there was very little physical exertion on my body but with the impending move, all the heavy lifting, the scrubbing and the cleaning, I’m worn out by 10pm! All I want to do is just drag my tired soul to bed each night we got home.

That’s why we decided today was going to be a non-move activity day so although I’m still tired, I am not THAT sleepy.

On the topic of sleeping too much.. I read about this product called Stemulite. According to studies made, this product while not only good for weight loss and body fitness, it’s side effect is that it makes you sleep soundly! Out of all volunteers who took the product, almost all reported they were sleeping more soundly than before! One of them had actually stopped taking sleeping pills!

So if you guys are out to lose weight and sleep soundly at night, check out the product ok :)


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love our new apartment, I really do but what I don’t love are the lizards and ants that come with it. Thank God for bathroom safety that Abah had made sure exist in the bathroom otherwise for sure I would slip and fall when I saw the size of the lizard looking at me while I peed! I guess that could easily be settled with the pest control.

However, one other thing that really bugged me are the monkeys. The apartment that I’m moving to is very surrounded by woods and with woods or forest or whatever you called them, comes monkeys. They come out during the evenings looking for food. A said they are most probably afraid of me more than me of them but I beg to differ as they always have this vicious look about them. I’ll for sure be carrying an umbrella each time I leave the house in case I need to scare them away!


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