Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I had to reformat my phone yesterday and after doing all the re-installation, I forgot to add fav songs to my music directory. That turned out to be a grave error and I was pulling hair while in my coach from KL to Singapore earlier today.

As the story goes, there was this Singaporean guy who had taken a fancy to the girl sitting behind me and apparently they got to talking when the coach stopped for toilet break at one of the RNR stop. So while the first 2hours was bliss for me to catch up on my sleepless night the day before, the rest of the journey was torture as he tried to find more about this girl who apparently is a student from Myanmar and studying in Singapore. I can’t help but overheard everything since he was practically leaning towards my side of the coach. From where the girl went to school, to where she did part time job, I even now know when her birthday is. OMG he even performed magic trick for her by the time we were approaching the Malaysian immigration! If only I had my mp3s I could have been enjoying some Dynasty Drums tunes than to hear his babbling in very very bad English and equally unattractive voice :(.. I mean instead of just saying “toilet break” he tried to impressed the girl, whose English is no better, with “oh we’re stopping to answer the call of nature”.. O…M… G!!

Anyway, tomorrow will be a long day so I shall take my leave and answer the call of the bed.. lol!



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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lisa Stansfield

A blast from the past this Monday.. Happy Music Monday all!

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Happy Music Monday all!.. and oh.. if you are participating.. why not visit other players ya and leave a comment .. in the spirit of Music Monday that is.. see ya at the blog hop!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

When you have cats in the house like me, you don’t really need any floral arrangement on the coffee table because this is what happens most time when my kitties are in the living room.



They love to hangout wherever we are and most time they just loiter on our feet while some will sleep on the coffee table or the tv.  So cats for decor anyone?


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