Thursday, May 29, 2014

Working with a service like New York Socials allows people to find the person they have been searching for their whole lives. The dating scene is very hard for some people, and a little guidance never hurt someone who is looking for the love of their life. There is a bit of advice that people who are hunting for a mate must take, and this advice will make the dating scene much easier to navigate.


When people go out on the dating scene, they have to remember that they have a different relationship with their mate than they do with their friends. No one marries their best friend in reality. People marry someone who is an incredible friend, but the mate someone chooses cannot be their best friend. People must have friends outside of their romantic relationships. The support system that people have outside their romantic relationships help to make their romantic relationships more successful.

Don’t Be Sexist

Every woman who is using a dating service is not looking for a rich man to marry. Every man who uses a dating service is not hopeless as a romantic. There are many reasons that people use dating services, and their reasons must be respected. Get to know people that use the service without judging them for using the service. There are times when the best people in the world have to use a dating service because they simply cannot handle the social interaction required to meet people in public.

Don’t Be Nervous

Dating services do not have a 100% success rate. There is no way to know if two people are compatible unless they are going on dates. There is no reason to be nervous when visiting someone who was chosen through a service, and the success of prior dates will be taken into consideration when the dates are arranged.

When people want to meet the love of their life, they need to make sure that they are going to work with a dating service that will find them just the right person. Dating is not to find friends. Dating is to find the person to spend the rest of one’s life with.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

greys anatomy

So Grey’s Anatomy ended its 10th session last Thursday with lots to bring forward to season 11. One of the sad part though is that Christina Yang is no longer gonna be part of season 11. I reckon now Meredith got to find another bestie. Anyway, in the season finale, a sad one at that, Christina was having a difficult time leaving for the airport and Meredith being the good friend she is, made sure she was on her way only to find Christina back at the hospital demanding their “dance” as closure. They were dancing to this song and I absolutely loved it as it so relates to their characters, being twisted and all.

Happy MM all and have a great week ahead.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

In many Latin American countries and Spanish speaking communities, the Quinceanera is a well-known and celebrated tradition. Also known as “fiesta de quince anos”, this is a traditional celebration for a girl’s fifteenth birthday. It symbolizes her transition from childhood to womanhood. Although how the event is celebrated differs from one place to another, the common theme is families celebrating with music, food, dancing and a beautiful dress for the honored young woman.

Planning the Celebration
Quinceaneras may be as elaborate as a wedding, including engraved invitations, a church service, and a party of attendants, sometimes as many as fourteen. Some communities emphasize the religious aspects of the celebration and include a mass or blessing at the beginning of the event. Other families choose to rent a hall for the occasion while simpler celebrations may be held in the home.

Planning should start several months before the event with simple “save the date” cards. These can be followed up with formal invitations sent to family and friends from the parents. Invitations can be specially printed or purchased pre-printed. Many online vendors allow information to be submitted and they in turn print individualized invitations. For simpler celebrations, there are many choices in invitations sold at retail locations. Many invitations are available in both English and Spanish.

The type of music will depend on the location and budget of the family. Live music is a fantastic touch if the budget allows. Traditional mariachi bands can be combined with popular music. Traditionally, the birthday girl dances one formal dance with her father and another with her escort before everyone else joins in.

Choosing a Dress
The center of any quinceanera is the dress. Most girls choose a full skirted style in white or pastel color. Fabrics may be lace, satin or other delicate fabrics. Usually, a separate underskirt is attached to give extra volume to the skirt. Other colors include deeper shades like gold, green, violet and deep blue. Online retailers offer many choices in quinceanera ball gowns for a range of sizes and budgets.

Other silhouettes include fitted gowns, A-line styles, mermaid, high-low and other styles. Although most girls choose long styles, short styles can be flattering and appropriate. Fabrics like chiffon, satin, silk and even velvets in season can be very attractive. Gowns and dresses can also be adorned with sequins, pearls and jewels to really make a fashion statement.


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